Assassinate the Assassins

I loved the quest I played this morning in Borderlands 2.

It was called “Assassinate the Assassins” and it involved you going into a different zone and killing 4 assassins. The interesting thing about the quest is you had to kill them with different weapons for bonus XP (ie pistol for the first, then sniper rifle, melee and last shotgun). I was lucky to have all three types in my backpack and got the kills without my turret taking them out.

Borderlands 2 game keeps on impressing me the more I play it. My friend lent me his copy last week since I am on vacation and I logged about 15 hours with the game. I started out as an assassin but changed to the commando class before to long and love it. It was the right switch for my play style and I just hit level 10.

I also really enjoyed the split screen Coop that I tried last Friday and will be playing again tomorrow. It’s great to have another coop game to add to the library when you get together with good friends. Next step is to try it online with strangers and see how the community is.


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