Just when I thought I was out, Guild Wars 2 might pull me back in!

Well it seems that my MMO itch just will not go away.  I have not really been following any computer games since Final Fantasy XIV launched instead focusing my gaming time on various PS3 titles.  Over the last week however family and friends have been bringing my attention back to the PC and a little title called Guild Wars 2!

I have a little experience playing Guild Wars itself and had a really good time although I got into the game many years after it launched.  I like ArenaNet keeping to their philosophy of selling the box and supplementing with in game real money transitions. This system really works for me since there are times where I might not play for long stretches because of my Little Princess and work. 

Everything I have heard about the game sounds amazing, and the bonus of being able to play with my cousin and his wife does add a lot of appeal for me to try this game.  I have a fair amount of time off this month to hopefully get all my Honey to Do list completed and might reward myself by picking up this game.  If I truly get locked into playing this game long term I think I would be to upgrade my computer to use my living room TV as a monitor to keep myself on the main floor of the house.  With another little bundle of joy on the way being locked in the basement is not something I want to do.  Playing upstairs would keep me a little closer in case I am needed in the night.  But that idea is down the road a bit, maybe a boxing day sale away?

If you have any thoughts on Guild Wars 2 please leave me a comment.


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