Change of venue, Change of luck?

Well I must admit I was starting to get a little frustrated with not being able to land a 5*Guardian in Guardian Cross. I recently reached level 79 and have used a total of 9 special hunting tickets with very limited success (only four 4*s). My coliseum team is still performing well and is able to take down teams with 5*s but tends to max out in the C+ level once the going gets tough.

Instead of rage quitting, I decided with my 2 new Special hunting tickets I would go out and have a coffee and croissant at my local Starbucks and see if a change of venue would have and difference. I also though about my approach in hunting with the Special tickets, i decided to do some research on the types of shadows that I should be targeting for the best odds for getting a 5*. I focused on the Glaverow Volcanic Zone and noted that to have the most success of getting a 5* I should aim for the Vampire shadow first (3-5*s, 1-4* and 2-3*s or 50% chance per shadow) followed by the Giant (1-5*, 2-4*, and 3-3* or 17%) and Wolf (1-5*, 2-4* and 4-3* or 14%). I also noted that there was only one possible guardian you can get for killing the floater shadow, and that was Dullahan (4*).

With my hunting plan set and a half drank black coffee sitting on the table in front of me I ran through a few normal hunting tickets to warm up. Taking another sip of coffee I selected my Special hunting ticket and hoped for the best! After taking a quick look around for a vampire shadow and seeing none I took down 2 giants and a wolf with no success, then I saw a floater and though sweet there is my Dullahan. With about 20 seconds left I located another giant and went to work taking it down, and would you guessed it my luck did change and I pulled in my first 5* am Ifrit (Int)!

With a smile on my face I left Starbucks and headed back home for a day of home renovations.

I really think my researching helped me in getting the Ifrit, knowing what shadows to target (ie. avoiding all the serpents) increased my chances of success. If you are having troubles landing one I suggest you do the same.

Happy Hunting!!

Bonus note, there is only 1 possible guardian for killing a bird shadow in the Berneside Plains using a Special hunting ticket and that is the 5* Phoenix!


3 Responses to “Change of venue, Change of luck?”

  1. good job! I’m having trouble hunting 5* too. I only got a 5* from giant shadow >_> and none from tix. can’t go to starbucks unfortunately but will try lol

  2. Isaac Says:

    do you have an statistics of the percentage drop rate rate for 5* in Berneside Plains?

    • arthur1977 Says:

      I have no stats on 5* drop rates. My percentages are just how many 5* guardians versus other guardians per shadow type when using a Special Hunting Ticket.

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