No console gaming for a week!

Hitting the second week of my vacation I made the decision that I had to refocus back on my Honey-to-Do list.

My first week was fairly successful by painting my little Princesses new room, a nice shade of pink at her request. Then the rest of the time was filled out with cleaning and some time playing Borderlands 2.

The project this week is a little more vast. Over last winter we had work done on our house due to water leaking into the basement. The basement has now been drywalled for a while and I have finished off the two little rooms downstairs. The project for this week is the open play area.

Monday I set out and arranged all the furniture to allow me access to the walls. Tuesday I applied the first coat of primer to help expose all the defects in the wall that need repairing. The plan for the rest of the week is now to patched up all the holes and smooth them down. Following that paint both the ceiling and walls, the colours downstairs were bright and vibrant so a few coats primer will be needed.

Not surprisingly my console ban has kept me motivated and pushing forward. My addiction to Guardian Cross hardly interferes since I just set my timer to chime every 2 hours jump on for a few minutes and then close it out.

All in all, things are things are looking good for me completing my most of my Honey-To-Do list by the end of my vacation next week. And if things keep going this well I might be able to pick up a copy of Guild Wars 2 before to long!


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