Say Hello to Gutvik Valentyn

I managed to complete all my goals for the week so I got the OK to pick up a copy of Guild Wars 2.  I started the installation of the Guild Wars 2 when I got home and sent out a quick email to my cousin to find out what server he was playing on.

After my ladies when to bed I booted up the game and started creating my first character: Gutvik Valentyn the Thief.  I played around with the class for a little while and never quite got a liking for it so….

I deleted it and started an Engineer.  I spent precious little time playing this class before I ran into my first Mesmer and my jaw dropped!  Sword and Sorcery, that is the profession for me.  So back to the drawing board….

The first Mesmer I rolled was a charming little lady with a smile on her face and a regret about not getting a chance to perform at the circus.  I managed to get her to level 5 or so before her Go-Go dancer outfit finally got the best of me and I re-rolled again for probably not the last time….

Finally, Gutvik Valentyn, Mesmer to the Stars!

Even with the little time I have been running around in this game I can say it looks beautiful. I like how you have your main story quest and entering certain areas allow you to do quest for the citizens in the area. The legend off to the side to trace your progress is also a nice touch to see how much of the game you have explored.

All in all, I am looking forward to getting more time playing Guild wars 2. If you are on the Tarnished Coast server look me up.


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