Shadow of the Mad King!

Guild Wars 2 Halloween event started on October 22 and I have been enjoying it. From reading their website its going to be rolled out in four separate acts starting on October 22 for act 1, October 26 for act 2, October 28 for act 3 and finishing out on October 31 with act 4.

So far I have been spending my time exploring Divinity’s Reach and Queensdale with my level 12 Mesmer looking for Haunted Doors, pumpkins to carve, and raw candy corn to mine. I have had fun hunting the Halloween creatures that the doors release when your character interacts with then, from glowing skeletons to walking candy corn monsters. You also get the chance to loot Trick-or-Treat bags from enemies or harvesting candy corn. The gem story now has a costume of the Mad King himself and all the Black Lion Chest from October 23 to November 5 will give you Halloween-themed weapon skins.

I am looking forward to the upcoming acts in the near future and seeing the effects of the Mad Kings influence on the world. I am glad I still have some time off to hopefully take advantage of this extra content.


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