Guilds and Halloween in GW2

It’s been a great week in Guild Wars 2 for me. I have really been enjoying the Halloween events that have been taking place, minus the jumping puzzle in the Clock Tower.

I rolled a Guardian named Gutvik of Kingstown to help increase my survivability, I was getting killed way to much as a Mesmer.

Last weekend I spent a couple of hours hanging out with my cousin. We spent some time exploring Queensdale then went to Loin’s Arch for the Mad King’s attempt to break back into the world.

During that time I got an invite to join his guild: Aegis. I have been in the guild for about a week and met a lot of great people. A couple of them we nice enough to run this noob through a battle with the Mad King. They have been a very helpful group getting me up to speed in the game.

I look forward to spending more time in game hanging out with guild mates. My next challenge is leveling up one of my characters up 80. After my experience with the Halloween event I am also looking forward to see what ArenaNet does for Christmas.


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