Having no luck in the hunting game, but still enjoying the people.

Well another week in the Coliseum and I finally managed to scrape out a B ranking, finally some respectable stones! With the conclusion of the coliseum it also means another 2 cracks at acquiring a 5* in the hunting grounds.

As the title shows my hunting did not go as well as I hoped. I used one ticket in the Bernside Plains and collected 3-4*`s (Vampire (Fast), Angle (Fast) and Kraken (Cool)) and a few 3*`s, overall it was a solid hunt and I plan to level up the Angel to join my coliseum team. The second ticket I used the in new Storm Reach Snowfield and had my first `Frozen Trigger` which prevented me from shooting for about 10 seconds…D`oh!!

Guardian Cross - Super RareThe hunt left me a little disappointed but after I finished my coffee I headed home focused on the positives and started leveling my Angel.

I know I am not the only one with this problem of missing out on the big hunts and struggling to get 5*`s. A few friends have been lucky recently and I am the first one to offer them congratulations (along with a quick trade inquiry, lol). The people on my friends list are one of the main reasons I am still playing this game, even after failed hunts and coliseum losses I usually have a note in my mail box or slime in my treasure chest.

I am still short about 15 invites for unlocking my final invite reward (Lord of the Inferno 5*), so if you are interested in trying this game please us my invite code: ND24889. If I manage to get the unlock I am more than willing to list other peoples codes but unfortunately not until then.


All the best and happy hunting everyone!


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