NHL 13, skill level: Beginner!

Out of the games I bought on sale NHL 13 has been eating up the most of my limited free time.

I have been splitting my time between Create a Pro and Hockey Ultimate Team.

Kingston FrontenacsFor my Created pro I made a two way centre and he is currently playing for the Kingston Frontenacs. I have been doing reasonably well but when I shift the difficulty from Rookie to Pro I cannot score to save my career.

Raymond-CanucksMy Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) is slowly rounding in to shape. It’s a cool system of assembling a team and since I have got the game on the cheap I don’t mind buying a few packs of cards in hoped of getting a rare all-star . I have now assembled the full third line for the Canucks (Raymond, Lapierre, and Hansen). It’s been fun buying and selling different players for the games currency Pucks. My best pick up so far has to be getting the speedy Mason Raymond for 1100 pucks.

Another nice thing is being able to collect jerseys and customize your you teams appearance. I currently have my home jersey as the 97-98 Canucks and my away jersey is the Frontanecs 3ed one.

I am still horrible playing but hopefully over time I can improve my skill level. My biggest deficiency is equally aiming my shots on net and winning face offs!

All in all the games graphics and controls are great and it gives you a ton of different game styles to play.

If you are looking for a casual player for a GM Connected league please let me know in the comment section.

Wishful thinking for all Vancouver Canucks fans!

Wishful thinking for all Vancouver Canucks fans!


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