Dust 514 Beta

My friend Sergio down loaded the Dust 514 beta for our gaming night Friday. We spent about 2 hours exploring the wide array of customization options and each did a few battles.

The battles were fun, you can either play ambush or skirmish currently. I have been playing skirmish where your objective is to control missile terminals to destroy you opponents mobile command center.

You get the option to start off with 5 or 6 different drop suits each designed for your play style (sniper, healer, Anti-Armor, etc). After you earn some Isk you can start customizing your own drop suits with various weapons, armor and perks.

I found the controls sharp and the liked the button layout on the controller. The amount of options could be overbearing if you are not use to MMO’s and researching the type of character you plan to build towards. The ability to specialize in anything will make this game very customizable to anyone’s play style. So far I have tried a sniper build (not for me, I take to long to aim), Anti-Armor (nope again) and lastly I tried the Artificer suit (more to my liking, healing and SMG!).

Dust514I had such a great time even just watching my friends play when I got home I started downloading the Beta and made a character, Battle Warlock, before work Saturday morning. I ran a few battle with him Saturday night and have been having a blast. So far I have put my skill points into hacking, SMG, and remote explosives (just for fun).

I am interested in seeing what CCP starts adding to the beta next. This game looks like it might be a nice little time sink for the foreseeable future.


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