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A new member to the Rambling Clan

Posted in Life with tags , , , , , , on 22/02/2013 by arthur1977

My wife delivered a beautiful baby boy this morning after numerous hours of labour. I am so proud of her and excited to see how my Little Prince grows and gets a personality of his own.

Now after two long days it’s time for some sleep, it maybe the last one I get for a while. Tomorrow morning I get to pick up my Wife and our new guy and bring him home for the first time!

PS4 announced!

Posted in Games with tags , , , on 20/02/2013 by arthur1977

Well after a lot of speculation the big February 20 announcement was made and it’s the PS4!!

Time to save my pennies!

The beginning of the Rebirth system in Guardian Cross

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Starting this morning the Rebirth system went live in the international version of Guardian Cross. Even though this will make the elite players with multiple accounts even more top end elite I am looking forward to seeing how my deck will change. I am almost afraid to see how dominate some of the top end decks will become especially with newer 5*’s like Thor or Hornfrost Phoenix rebirthed.

20130218-141244.jpgI know for sure now that I will never be able to compete at the top end due to my lack of skills acquiring 5*’s but I am looking forward to seeing how my 4* Aces will evolve and affect my team. I just Rebirth my Ace Golem and leveled him to his new cap of 60, the addition of the “Last Stand” skill will help him compete with the newer 4* guardians that were released in the desert and snow zones. I still have my Ace Angel, Caim and Talos to rebirth and hopefully make a run at some new cards in the coliseums.

I am also now on the search for some off standard 5*’s like a Brave Bahamut or a Intelligent Ifrit. I have limited trading resources so I will have to be patient, but that is never a problem for me.

Have fun everyone with this new system.  Here is a link to a guide I found useful about the Rebirth system: Haruno’s Guide to the Rebirth System

4 more Special Hunting Tickets, No 5*’s!

Posted in Games, Square Enix with tags , , , , on 12/02/2013 by arthur1977

Well I decided to bite the bullet this last week in Guardian Cross and tank the coliseum and finish with a C+ to get a special hunting ticket (SHT). That combined with completing my 15 log sheet would give me two SHT’s to use Monday. During the week with the announcement of the new guardians I though I have enjoyed the game enough that I could put a few more dollars in Square-Enix’s coffers and I picked up an iTunes with the plans of buying 2 more SHT’s.

Monday come and I purchase my coins and empty enough space in my deck for the upcoming hunt. I did my free daily ticket then jump into the 4 SHT’s with high hopes. My targets were maidens, birds, giants and floaters.

Listed next is the sum of my hunt:
Sleipnir x2
Umu Dabrutu x6
Bifrons x2
Taranis x2
Arigan x2

That’s right, another series of hunts and unfortunately my luck has not changed (the 4*’s were 2 chaotic and 1 brave). In all my hunts there was only one maiden or giant to be seen so I ended up killing a lot of birds and floaters.

It’s becoming a bit discouraging every time I do a special hunt and end with nothing I can use. I have only 2 5* kills in my long career playing GC (35+ SHT), but I understand the reason for the low percentage chances of getting 5*’s. My problem is that I need some new blood for my team to stay relevant even in the masters coliseum. I have hopes of getting a Valentine Specter this week but am not confident it’s possible.

I am not sure how many more Special Hunting Tickets I will buy, I have already dropped around 20$ on Guardian Cross with zero success. I am still enjoying playing because of the friends I have made but unless I get another 1 or 2 5*’s soon I can see my interest slowly fade away.

Here is hoping my next big giant in the volcanic zone is Gilgamesh!

Please Square-Enix be kind….


Bad Religion – True North

Posted in Music with tags , , , , on 10/02/2013 by arthur1977

I have been a fan of Bad Religion since being introduced to them in my first year of University in the mid-90’s. Since then I have been an avid fan of both their older and newer releases.

The most recent release is True North and has 16 new tracks for fans to enjoy. I have listened to the album numerous times over the last week and love it. Some of my favorite songs are Dept. of False Hope, Dharma and the Bomb, F*$& You, and Popular Consensus.


The rumor is that this might be one of their last albums, it would be a shame since they are still putting out high quality songs. Even if it is they have an amazing catalog of songs that will keep their fans happy for a very long time.

Re-addicted Game Dev. Story

Posted in Games with tags , , , on 09/02/2013 by arthur1977

I don’t why, I don’t know how, but for some reason I decided to play Game Dev. Story and it got me hook again!

Over the last 2 days I have spent most of my free time building and growing my gaming companies. Over that time I have managed to unlock 75% of the game types, build 3 different consoles, and produce 1 perfectly scored game!

I still have a few achievements left to get in game center including winning the “Worst Game” award. No matter how hard I try someone else puts out a worse game than me, lol.

Well enough writing I have to go create another video game… Maybe an online Sim Ping Pong game?