4 more Special Hunting Tickets, No 5*’s!

Well I decided to bite the bullet this last week in Guardian Cross and tank the coliseum and finish with a C+ to get a special hunting ticket (SHT). That combined with completing my 15 log sheet would give me two SHT’s to use Monday. During the week with the announcement of the new guardians I though I have enjoyed the game enough that I could put a few more dollars in Square-Enix’s coffers and I picked up an iTunes with the plans of buying 2 more SHT’s.

Monday come and I purchase my coins and empty enough space in my deck for the upcoming hunt. I did my free daily ticket then jump into the 4 SHT’s with high hopes. My targets were maidens, birds, giants and floaters.

Listed next is the sum of my hunt:
Sleipnir x2
Umu Dabrutu x6
Bifrons x2
Taranis x2
Arigan x2

That’s right, another series of hunts and unfortunately my luck has not changed (the 4*’s were 2 chaotic and 1 brave). In all my hunts there was only one maiden or giant to be seen so I ended up killing a lot of birds and floaters.

It’s becoming a bit discouraging every time I do a special hunt and end with nothing I can use. I have only 2 5* kills in my long career playing GC (35+ SHT), but I understand the reason for the low percentage chances of getting 5*’s. My problem is that I need some new blood for my team to stay relevant even in the masters coliseum. I have hopes of getting a Valentine Specter this week but am not confident it’s possible.

I am not sure how many more Special Hunting Tickets I will buy, I have already dropped around 20$ on Guardian Cross with zero success. I am still enjoying playing because of the friends I have made but unless I get another 1 or 2 5*’s soon I can see my interest slowly fade away.

Here is hoping my next big giant in the volcanic zone is Gilgamesh!

Please Square-Enix be kind….



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