A new adventure in the Elder Scrolls universe!

Now that the house has calmed down a bit as we slowly get use to having our new Little Guy around, I decided to look through my catalog of old games (I am still interested in playing a good JRPG but just cannot justify the expenditure at this time).

After sifting through by back log the game that jumped out at me was Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I bought the game at release and played it for a while until all the bugs started popping up in the PS3 version. Now that most of the bugs have been addressed I think it’s time to head back and give it another try.

I decided to start my character again from scratch. My first adventure in Skyrim I created a Mage dealing death and distraction with fireballs and lightning, but had trouble staying alive. This time I wanted a more robust character and decided on a Dark Elf roughly based on the Shadow Warrior build I found The Skyrim Blog character building site. It uses Heavy Armor, Shields and Stealth to improve survivability.

I just hit level 10 and am loving it. I am working on leveling my stealth, illusion and block skills. Archery looks to be my biggest challenge, I have yet to get the hang of it. My next goal is to join the Bard college for the speech boost then off to become a member of the Imperial Legion.

With two little ones and a full time job this game will be a long term project, but one I think I’m up for.


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