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Frustration Growing in Guardian Cross

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When the rumors of Final Fantasy V cards being released started, I began saving up the Special Hunting Tickets i got on my iPod’s account.

With their recent release I decided to spend all 13 of my SHT’s in one sitting hoping for the best. I have been shut out over the last 4 months on my special hunts without landing a 5* or even an Ace 4*. With over 40 special hunts under my belt (some bought, some free) and have only 2 5*’s (Ifrit, Phoenix) to show for them.

Just as I finished my setup an was all ready to start hunting, my little girl started coughing and got sick on her bed. So the hunt got delayed as my wife and I changed her sheets and gave her a bath at 10:30pm. Once everything was settled and the rest of the family was sleeping I sat down and focused on the hunt.

As I hunted I recorded the spoils of each ticket. Ticket after ticket I hunted, growing just a little more frustrated with each. When the 13 tickets were gone I even bought 2 more trying to get me over the top. Once the dust settled I looked over the guardians I got more frustrated with the game then ever. The final count was 94 3*’s (about 7 Aces) and 12 4*’s (with an Ace Atar), and ZERO 5*’s!


That’s about all I can say, I was trying to be optimistic and hope just for one Deadmoon 5* in 15 special hunting tickets. I could not imagine how angry I would have been if I payed for all those tickets and came away with nothing!

I have now passes the 200 days playing mark with only 2 hunted 5*’s to show for it.

To say the least my motivation for this game is wavering. Square-Enix is just lucky I have some good friends in game that keep me coming back for more. Hopefully the ratios for hunting 5*’s go up because I cannot see myself dropping any more money into this game unless something changes.

The ball is in your court now Square…..