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Come on EB Games, where are my Pre-Order codes!

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Rant On…

Seriously EB Games, I preorder Fuse by Insomniac months ago and put 50$ down. I show up the night of its release and pick up my game and you don’t have my preorder codes. Worse of all you had not contacted EA to get the codes for the people who preordered the game from your store?

They suggested I try stopping by the next day to see if they showed up. So I did and still nothing, I think when he saw me again he realized that I was not going away and made a few phone calls. He said that he had to send out some emails and got my name and phone number and would call me in a day or two.

SERIOUSLY.. Why wait until the day after you are suppose to hand out the codes to email someone. You must have realized they were short when you got the shipment!

I have not heard a lot of good chatter about the EB Games/GameStop franchise and this experiences means my money will be going elsewhere for my next game / consul purchase.

……. Rant Off

Sorry everyone, just boggles my mind!


In a gaming rut…

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It seems like I am going through a rut when it comes to gaming. When ever I turn on my PS3 I gravitate towards Netflix more than and game in my library.

I am wondering if I am getting burned outing dark, grinding, difficult games like Skyrim and Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen. I really enjoy both games but with the time required to fully get immersed is just not possible right now with two little ones.

If anyone has suggestions on a light hearted fun games please leave a comment letting me know what it is so I can check it out.


Finally… A SHT pays off!

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With the rerelease of the Final Fantasy IV guardians in Storm Reach I decided to use my Special Hunting Ticket (SHT) that I got for filling my 24 login card there.

A good friend of mine in game gave me some great advice about hunting with SHT’s, it was not to expect to catch anything that way you are never disappointed. An easy thing for me to do with my legendary bad luck hunting 5*’s.

After using some normal hunting tickets to get warmed up I selected my SHT. Taking my friends advice I expected to get some feeders for my Almighty Fortuna and little of anything else. After the first few kills I spotted a flashing Giant shadow and was rewarded with +10 seconds and ….

To be honest it’s felt like eternity since I managed to acquire a 5* guardian white hunting. When I saw this guy show up I smiled! It had been about 6 months since I landed my other 2 hunted 5*’s and Thor is by far the best.

I have been lucky playing Guardians Cross and making some friends who have been very influential in keeping my playing. We help each other out whenever possible with both cards and stones.

One of them, ManAcus, has recently had enough with and quit. He was one of the first guys I met playing and has been generous gifting me over 140 Silver Slimes! We shared a common bond in that his luck at hunting 5* guardians was as bad as mine. After competing in a recent coliseum and getting beat by teams filled with reborn 5*’s, he decided to turn his attention to other games and I wish him all the best.

Is there any Love for Insomniac’s Fuse?

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I have following this game for a while since Insomniac Games are one of my favorite developers. I enjoyed their Ratchet and Clank series and love The Resistance Trilogy which I usually play split screen with friends.

Since Fuse has been announced (as Overstrike) it has taken a barrage of criticism from every angle. The demo was released yesterday (May 7) and seems to be a nice introduction to the game and it’s 4 playable characters. The game also looks great and with the ability to freely switch between each character and their unique fused weapon offers up some strategy. The game offer some platforming stretches to go along with its cover based combat. You have different options on how you want to upgrade each character as well as the ability to play with friends online or split screen.

I have had this game pre ordered for a few months now and the demo reinforced my belief in the game. Hopefully the demo will spark some positive conversations about this strong new IP.

Where does the time go….

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It’s amazing how fast time flies with the addition of another little one to your family! My little man has only been here for 9 great weeks and what a difference.

My daughter was a sleepy baby where my little man is awake and looking around all the time and requires lots of attention. One of the problems we are finding right now is that both kids around bed time want Mommy. Whenever I try to settle one the water works begin, which is a little frustrating when I know my wife is tired and could use the help.

Another challenge we are progressing through is potty training the Little Princess. She is doing well but there have been a few bumps along the way.

I hope things settle down a bit so I can get back blogging more but I have no complaints because I love spending time with my family.