Is there any Love for Insomniac’s Fuse?

I have following this game for a while since Insomniac Games are one of my favorite developers. I enjoyed their Ratchet and Clank series and love The Resistance Trilogy which I usually play split screen with friends.

Since Fuse has been announced (as Overstrike) it has taken a barrage of criticism from every angle. The demo was released yesterday (May 7) and seems to be a nice introduction to the game and it’s 4 playable characters. The game also looks great and with the ability to freely switch between each character and their unique fused weapon offers up some strategy. The game offer some platforming stretches to go along with its cover based combat. You have different options on how you want to upgrade each character as well as the ability to play with friends online or split screen.

I have had this game pre ordered for a few months now and the demo reinforced my belief in the game. Hopefully the demo will spark some positive conversations about this strong new IP.


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