Finally… A SHT pays off!

With the rerelease of the Final Fantasy IV guardians in Storm Reach I decided to use my Special Hunting Ticket (SHT) that I got for filling my 24 login card there.

A good friend of mine in game gave me some great advice about hunting with SHT’s, it was not to expect to catch anything that way you are never disappointed. An easy thing for me to do with my legendary bad luck hunting 5*’s.

After using some normal hunting tickets to get warmed up I selected my SHT. Taking my friends advice I expected to get some feeders for my Almighty Fortuna and little of anything else. After the first few kills I spotted a flashing Giant shadow and was rewarded with +10 seconds and ….

To be honest it’s felt like eternity since I managed to acquire a 5* guardian white hunting. When I saw this guy show up I smiled! It had been about 6 months since I landed my other 2 hunted 5*’s and Thor is by far the best.

I have been lucky playing Guardians Cross and making some friends who have been very influential in keeping my playing. We help each other out whenever possible with both cards and stones.

One of them, ManAcus, has recently had enough with and quit. He was one of the first guys I met playing and has been generous gifting me over 140 Silver Slimes! We shared a common bond in that his luck at hunting 5* guardians was as bad as mine. After competing in a recent coliseum and getting beat by teams filled with reborn 5*’s, he decided to turn his attention to other games and I wish him all the best.


2 Responses to “Finally… A SHT pays off!”

  1. I’ve never found one 5* yet, I’m happy to see that you can get them if you keep trying! Probably!

  2. arthur1977 Says:

    Some people seem to have all the luck I do not. Keep trying, its a bit easier now with the bonus system giving you a 50% to 3x better chance but the odds are always against us.

    Have confidence you will get one!

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