Black Thursday at the Widget factory

About four weeks ago (July 11) the company I work for announced that they would be reducing the amount of wage roll employees by 5-8%. When the full extent to their announcements hit a total of 290 people got letters informing them that they were going to be reassigned and/or regressed in pay while about 60 people got notified that their last day of employment will be sometime in September.

I got one of the nicer letters saying that in 3-6 months I will be reassigned and/or regressed in pay. I admit is sucks since I have been employed at this factory for around 12 years but I cannot complain to much since my sister and brother in law got their termination notices. I realize in today’s day and age the job I have is still good, I get an hourly rate, vacation, and a pension.

I feel bad for all the people I know loosing their jobs and hope that they find a job they enjoy better than factory life, even I the pay is not as good.

Since the announcements there has been a lot of bitter and frustrated people in the Widget Factory. I am not sure how well our workforce will recover, it’s unfortunate but where I work most people feel entitled to their paycheck rather then having a need to earn it. With more changes coming in the near future it will be make or break time for a lot of people there.

It’s hard remaining positive at times like this, but I am stubborn and will continually move forward with a smile on my face.


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