Early impressions of Tales of Xillia

Looking for a different experience from the grittier games I have been playing recently I stumbled across Tales of Xillia. After reading up on it I decided to preorder it and picked it up when it got released last week and have really enjoyed the 4-5 hours I have put into it.

The story starts off with you selecting one of the two main characters: Jude or Millia. From reading up on the game the main story stays the same no matter who you pick but each character sees things differently. For my first play through I went with Jude, the promising medical student.

The first few hours have been very enjoyable. The graphics are bright and colourful even if they are a little dated (the game came out in Japan about
2 years ago). The characters so far have distinct personalities and interesting dialog between them in various cutscenes and little sub conversations.

Combat is fun and fast paced with simple commands that you can link together for great combo attacks. You also have the ability to link with one other party member which lets them perform special moves. This is a nice system and will finding you switching to different group mates depending on the enemies you face. The combat is more like a action/adventure game then standard RPG and I am really enjoying it.

Character development in Tales of Xillia is completely up to the player. It’s a mostly free system letting you pick from various points in what is best described as a spider web. If you want your team to be all physical attackers just put all your points in strength and vitality and run wild. They were also nice enough to add an option to auto level if you don’t want to spend the time figuring out the system.

I am looking forward to playing more, as it stands now this is a very nice addition to my RPG collection.


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