Ryerson University Continuing Education – Occupational Health and Safety

With all the crazy things happening at work I decided that I better upgrade my skills encase I get the pink slip in the next round or two of restructuring. After the last few years working in the plant as a Safety Steward and Operations Safety Lead I decided that health and safety was a field I really enjoyed even when the stress level gets raised.

Safety FirstAfter talking to our EH&S lead at the plant he suggested two different schools that offer good correspondence courses dealing in Occupational Health and Safety. I decided on the Occupational Health and Safety certificate at Ryerson University, partly because it has a secondary certificate that focuses on Advanced Safety Management if I was to continue my development and secondly it was the school my Father graduated from in 1972 for photography.

The benefit of still being employed at the plant is that they are willing to reimburse me for some of the expense of taking the courses. I am going to have to shake off a little rust and get back to the books. Looks like my gaming time is going to suffer for this, but alas its all for the greater good.


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