Diablo 3 Demo on PS3

Time to be honest, until I downloaded the demo for Diablo III, I had never played any game in the series. After realizing I missed to loot hunting of MMO’s I started looking into Diablo III to quench that thirst.

Not being a PC gamer anymore I had to wait until it was released on the PS3. After reading some impressions on various sites I decided to down load the demo. After trying to select the Demon Hunter class (Full game required, D’oh) I selected a male Wizard and jumped in. The game starts you off slowly just a few mobs at a time with limited skills. Once you do the first couple quests in the city gaining a few levels and skills they release you to the first open zone to slaughter everything! After raining death and distraction on everything I could find in the zone I decided that this game is for me.

I picked up the full game on Tuesday and have managed to get my newly created Demon Hunter to level 11. The combat is fast and furious and the loot hunting addictive. If you cannot seem the loot a piece of armor you can also go to the blacksmith or merchant and see what they have for you. I keep wanting to jump back in for one more loot run, but it’s not a game I should be playing around my 3 year old daughter!

The bonus on top of everything else is I can also play this game with my friends. The couch coop is awesome and something most games seem to lack now that we are moving to a more online generation.

It might sound strange but I really enjoy sitting in a room with a few close friends drinking scotch and killing demons!


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