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Great night of DDO!

Posted in DDO, MMO with tags on 03/06/2010 by arthur1977

Well if that was the last free night I have to play an MMO before I have a little one to take care of I have no complaints. In slightly over 3 wild hours I managed to complete a run through of Delera’s, become the leader of the Guild Forever Ethereal, and scrape up almost enough experience to hit level 6.

When I first logged on I lucked out in finding a group that was looking for a healer to run the Delera’s quest chain.  One of my goals for the night was to run this quest and get the Voice of the Master trinket (Love the lore and 5% Xp bonus of this trinket!).  As it turned out we had to run the quest without a Rogue but still managed to clear all the chapters in about an hour!  You could tell everyone in this group were long time DDOer’s (except for me that is) because they really didn’t need my healing talents and just flew through the quests!  It was a great group of people and they didn’t mind that I happened to have only limited experience, which was nice.

The group broke up afterwards but a group mate named Sinfer gave me a guild invite and I accepted.  That’s when stuff got interesting since as soon as I accepted he promoted me to Leader and left the guild.  I brought up the guild menu to see how many people were actually in it and to my surprise it was just me! Needless to say next time I log on the Forever Ethereal guild might be no more but now at least I can say I have been a guild leader, lol.

With still about 90 minutes left to play before I had to log I brought up the LFG menu and joined a group planning to run the Recovering the Lost Tome quest in the harbor.  This group was a lot of fun to play with and had a good mix of experienced and new players.  It was great seeing how patent the group was helping out our Rogue who was experiencing the quest for the first time.  We had a great time running this quest from normal all the way to Elite for xp and favor.  After finishing off these quests we lost a few people but still decided to tackle Walking the Butchers path on Elite!  We had the fortune of getting a Sorcerer to join up and filled out our group with a Cleric hireling which came in handy.  The Butchers Path tested the group but even after a few deaths we managed to make it to the final exit and take out most of the optionals along the way.  I would like to give a shout out to Dirtybob, Reddhott, and Sinicalas for a great time running those Harbor quests and getting me 8k from hitting level 6!

All in all, I have to say it was one of my more enjoyable nights playing DDO.


Server jumping….

Posted in DDO, MMO with tags on 24/05/2010 by arthur1977

I am still really enjoying DDO, but its been hard to settle down and find a server to call my own.  I think it’s about time I do that because server jumping is leading to a lot of repetitive content and I want to see what the higher levels have to offer.

I decided to make Sarlona my home server and created a new character named Gutvyk!  He is a Dwarven Battle Cleric light (semi based on Sigtents Pseudo Shaman build). He starts off as a good melee fighter in the low levels but all his upgrades and enhancements tend towards the caster side so I can be a strong healer for endgame.  I also picked a healer thinking its one of the best classes to get group invites, a key to this wonderful game.

So far he has been great to play!  I have just hit level 4 (3 Clr / 1 Fig) and get to use the +1 Holy Dwarven War Axe that Saerrate was kind enough to give me (a big thank you for that!).  I am hoping to play for a few hours tonight and hit level 5, my plan is to try and get though both Waterworks and STK!

So if you need a Cleric that likes strong ale and slicing things in 2 with his Holy Dwarven War Axe look me up on the Sarlona server!

Busy, Busy, Busy….

Posted in DDO, Uncategorized on 21/05/2010 by arthur1977

Well as you have noticed I have not been my usual self and have hardly posting anything over the last week or two.  Unfortunately I have had a lot on my plate and its about to get busier.  Currently we are renovating our kitchen and my Wife and I are expecting our little girl to be born in the next couple of weeks.  I would like to thank everyone for checking this blog and hopefully enjoying it, I know I am just an average blogger but I try to have fun doing it anyway.

I look forward to blogging in the future but for the next little while it might not be to consistent.  I still plan to keep playing DDO and waiting impatiently for Final Fantasy XIV to come out.  If you ever want to say hello in-game I am currently playing a level 3 Dwarf Cleric on the Sarlona server in DDO.  My hope is to hit around 6 or 7 before the baby get here because after that it might be a while before I get and more real solid playing time.

A Sunday afternoon in The Waterworks

Posted in DDO, MMO with tags on 04/05/2010 by arthur1977

I woke up early Sunday morning feeling good.  The Vancouver Canucks  had just taken a 1-0 series lead against the Chicago Blackhawks and I enjoyed watching the game.  By about noon I had complete all the chores I had set aside to do on my day off so the rest of the afternoon could be dedicated to gaming, specifically DDO!

I have been doing a lot of reading on the DDOCast forums and they have a static get together every Sunday afternoon and Wednesday night.  I wanted to create a Virtuoso Bard so I posted some of my ideas on the forums and had a really educational time discussing all of the options with some insightful people.  With my new build in hand I rolled up Gutvik the Unctuous on Friday and worked my way off the island.

I logged on Sunday just past noon and asked for a guild invite.  I got accepted to the DDOCast Build Guild and just enjoyed talking to my new guild mates.  Compared to most of the individual’s playing in the guild (this group has been running for a few months) I was one of the lower level players, but found a few guildies who wanted to group and headed off to The Waterworks for a fun time killing Kobolds.

Since Sharkhunter, Avaricegold and I had run the quest chain before we ventured in on Hard and were doing quite well (as well as you can with no Rogue) until we ran in to a stubborn Kobold Shaman that took a disliking to us.  After trying to take out the nasty Kobold resulted in a party wipe we though a new approach was necessary.  We zoned out and recruited another fellow guild mate named Kungfusious and grabbed some Clerical hirelings.

Needless to say this really turned our fortunes around.  We managed to complete all four quest in the chain while killing hundreds of monsters on the way.  I had a great time with this group talking back and forth (I really need to quit being shy and hook up my mic!) and before you know it the questing was done, and I have gained a level and filled my backpack with goodies.

The whole afternoon was great.  I met some good people who love playing DDO, and got to explore and advance my new character.  The ending of the quest couldn’t have been better because by the time I logout out my wife was just getting home from work.  I would like to thank Sharkhunter, Avaricegold and Kungfusious for a fun time and I hope to group with you again in the future!

DDOCast and DDO Cocktail Hour

Posted in DDO, MMO with tags on 02/05/2010 by arthur1977

If you play Dungeons and Dragons Online at all you have to check out these 2 podcasts.  Both of them are very entertaining and educational and all about DDO.

DDOCast is hosted by Jerry and just released its 166th episode over the weekend.  DDO Cocktail Hour is hosted by Lessah and Samius and have 11 action packed podcasts out and are posted during the week.  These are two of my must listen to podcasts every week, to find out more information about them check out their websites (DDOCast, DDO Cocktail Hour) or just download them both from iTunes.

The DDO store and Me :)

Posted in DDO, MMO with tags on 30/04/2010 by arthur1977

Well I decided to take advantage of the great 30% off adventure pack promotion that Turbine has been offering. With the points I had leftover from my time as a VIPer I searched the forums and grabbed the top 4 adventure packs that people suggested:

The Reaver's Reach Adventure Pack The Reaver’s Reach Adventure Pack
245.0 Points 1 245.0 Points
Shan-to-Kor Adventure Pack Shan-to-Kor Adventure Pack
175.0 Points 1 175.0 Points
The Vale of Twilight Adventure Pack The Vale of Twilight Adventure Pack
455.0 Points 1 455.0 Points
The Ruins of Gianthold Adventure Pack The Ruins of Gianthold Adventure Pack
665.0 Points 1 665.0 Points

I cannot wait to get Gutvik my Rogue/Bard off the island and work his way up though this content.  I have run STK before and love it, and now I have more motivation to run around questing!  If you want to group look me up on Orien 🙂

Commemorative Bunny Hat anyone?

Posted in DDO, MMO on 25/04/2010 by arthur1977

One gaming session and one purchase from the DDO store!  This might be a slippery slope but I hope to curb my spending soon 🙂

I have to admit that this item cost me a whopping 5 Turbine Points and with is +5 jump bonus I think it is a good purchase.  Overall I really like how the game content is sold in the DDO store.  It almost feels like you are actually going out and buying an adventure pack for the table top D&D.

I am not sure how man items I will actually buy from the store, but if you pay attention you can find great little gems like this pop up every now and then.