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Final Fantasy XIV… I am sorry…

Posted in Final Fantasy with tags , , , , , , on 25/08/2013 by arthur1977

I have been a believer that Final Fantasy XIV has the ability to become an amazing MMO experience and with all the recent changes and updates I think its well on the way there.  Unfortunately with the release of A Realm Reborn and the PS3 version I will not be able to enjoy the changes.  Its not that I do not want to play the game or that it has a monthly fee, its that real life is keeping me out of the MMO sphere for the time being.  I really enjoyed the experience of playing Final Fantasy XIV when it was first released on the PC long ago. I bought the Collectors Edition and got to start my adventures in the world of Eorzea meeting a lot of great people who were friendly and helpful. The newer version looks even more beautiful then the original and as a life long Final Fantasy addict this game shows that Square Enix can learn from its mistakes and produce a better product.


I was hoping with the release of the PS3 version I might jump back in and start a whole new adventure but the timing of its release could not be worse for me.  With 2 little ones and me starting to take correspondence courses in the fall my free time to say the least is limited.  Even with that I still want to run to the store right now and pick up my copy and work my way to becoming a Legendary Dragoon or Black Mage!  I am still holding out hope that someday not to far in the future I will find the time to jump back in and explore the lush work that has been created.

Until then I will just have to be happy playing games that I can pause and to go check on the little ones, who are well work the sacrifice.


12 days of Guardian Cross

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I am still addicted to Guardian Cross after 12 days and many charges of my iPhone. I have finished the first episode and am now working through the side quests to gain experience and both coliseum and hunting tickets.  Sunday night marked the end of the first coliseum battle and I finished Ranked B (rankings go from S+, S, A+, A, B+, down to D) which netted me a few skill stones (permanent skill boost), and 2 special hunting tickets (only 3 star guardians or better when hunting).

I have finally acquired my first 4 star Guardian buy killing the boss monster in the Glaverow Volcanic Zone, which got me Seiryu.  Since then I have also picked up 2 more (Medusa and Hecatoncheir) with my special hunting tickets that I won in the Coliseum.

Now that I have them I am working on leveling them up to help me compete during the next round of the Coliseum which started early Monday morning. For this round of the Coliseum you now have an option between different coliseums, one for beginners (only 1 of each guardian with a max level of 10) or Official (no doubles, only 1 almighty) that offer slightly different rewards.

I am interested to see how long it takes them to put out the 2nd episode and the different type of coliseum battles then have going forward.  As before if you are interested in trying the game, please use my invitation code: ND24889 for a free Final Fantasy card.

Final Fantasy XI: The Land of Vana’diel

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I am a huge Final Fantasy fan and have been listening to the Final Fantasy Union podcast for some time now.  They recently posted an impromptu episode to talk about Final Fantasy XI and Brian’s new album “The Land of Vana’diel”.

I have purchased and subscribed to Final Fantasy XI three time (unfortunately never staying for to long) in my MMO career, enjoying the game and loving the music.  I downloaded the album that he is offering free at and listened to it last night at work and it brought back great memories of FFXI. This is a well produced CD that anyone who has played Final Fantasy XI should at least check out for the nostalgic value alone.

Have a great day everyone,

Final Fantasy Memories

Posted in Final Fantasy, Games with tags , , on 29/07/2012 by arthur1977

This is one of the first games I remember playing and I still enjoy playing it to this day.

Here are a couple screen shot that are burned in my head from childhood.


Here is my all time favorite! You can tell Nintendo and Squaresoft had a close relationship back in the day.


Enjoy your day.

Enjoying Final Fantasy XIII-2

Posted in Final Fantasy, Square Enix with tags , , on 25/04/2012 by arthur1977

Needing a change of pace after completing inFamous twice I decided to pick up Final Fantasy XIII-2. I happen to luck out and it was on sale at my local video store for 30$.

I have played for about 6 hours now and am really enjoying it. I think they made some great changes to the crystarium system for leveling that improves it from the original. The addition of monsters in your party is an interesting twist, it offers up lots of ways to customize your team.

Because I got the game at a discount I picked up a 20$ PSN card to spend on the games DLC. I am a fan of Noel’s character but hate is outfit, I was about to buy a nice armor set for him until I read that he will be getting a Black Mage one soon.


I a HUGE Black Mage fan from the original Final Fantasy game so I am hoping a date for this DLC will be released soon. I do admit that I picked up the Beachwear DLC for Serah but I rotate it with the other 2 I have because I like them all. Last of my purchases is the Lighting package that is planned to be released late next month.

All in all if you are a fan of the Final Fantasy series I suggest giving this game a shot. It has restored a bit of hope in the franchise for me and I plan on pre-ordering it’s next installment for the PS3.

Square-Enix, Epic Disappointment

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ImageAfter listening to the most recent IGN Podcast Beyond (#233) and checking out Square-Enix’s new teaser trailer titled “Secret Title 2012 Summer” I had high hopes! A sequel to the great PS original Final Fantasy Tactics is something I have been wanting to play for a long time.

I have lots of fond memories playing Final Fantasy tactics, figuring out what team I needed for this battle and what classes I should be trying to unlock. I did play though the couple spin offs that were put out but they never lived up to the original. With the cult following for such games I wish Square-Enix would put some though into making a sequel for the PS3 and not a hand held.

ImageThat little rant aside, I hope Crystal Conquest has a strong launch and following. Since I have basically giving up playing anything on my PC I will personally not be playing it. Its unfortunate that Square-Enix seems to be falling out of favor with a lot of gamers, and with some of its recent launches I understand that. I have loved the Final Fantasy series since the original and admit myself the last couple games have not grabbed me.

Well, I will keep my fingers crossed for another Final Fantasy Tactics game, but not hold my breath.


Is the Final Fantasy series in trouble?

Posted in Final Fantasy with tags , , , on 04/11/2011 by arthur1977

When listening to last week’s IGN Podcast BEYOND! (#212?) they commented on an article recently posted by their Final Fantasy guru Ryan Clements.  Being a huge Final Fantasy fan myself I headed over to the website and checked it out. 

Final Fantasy XV: Retro Reasoning is a great idea on how to stop the bleeding and get the Final Fantasy series back to its traditional roots.  If Square-Enix is planning on another Final Fantasy, I really hope someone stumbles across this article and takes some of the ideas to heart because I think it would help get the franchise back to where it belongs as one of the top JRPG’s on the market.

For me, the last final fantasy game that had me hooked from start to finish is there last retro styled game in Final Fantasy IX (for the PlayStation!!).  I am not saying I have not owned and beaten the other releases since then (I have even subscribed to FFXI 3 times and FFXIV twice) but none of them have gripped me enough to keep my attention.

Here’s hoping that Square-Enix realizes that something has to change sooner rather than later or their flagship franchise will fade back into background and become just another JRPG. 

For me that would be a real shame.