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The downside of modern gaming…

Posted in Games, MMO with tags , , , on 12/06/2015 by arthur1977

One of my biggest frustrations about the new age of gaming is day one necessary upgrades.  

I had the fortune to leave work 2 hours early today and decided to pick up a copy of Elder Scrolls Online.  I didn’t have any grand plans of playing, I was just hoping to log in and create my character and work my way through some of the tutorial.  I excitedly booted up my PS4 and put in the game only to be met with a 15GB update (estimated download time of ~7 hours).

At times like this I truly miss the days when you got to play the game right out of the box.  

I am still looking forward to playing Elder Scrolls Online, unfortunately my introduction to the game will be slightly delayed.


Destiny: House of Wolves PvE Impressions

Posted in Games with tags , , , on 24/05/2015 by arthur1977

Destiny HoW

I had been taking a bit of a break from Destiny but have jumped back in with the release of the second expansion, the House of Wolves.  My RL friend (32 Titan) and I (28 Warlock) have been two maning most of the new content and really enjoying it.

The Rift is a nice new social area that looks great and I can see myself heading there over the Tower.  The quests have been challenging with the enemies levels ranging between 26-30 but we have been taking our time working through the new environments.  The venture into the Vault of Glass in a quest was fun since I don’t see myself ever attempting the raid.  Some of the bounties I have been having problems taking down the last guy before the time limit runs out and he leaves.  I was doing the Dervis, Wolf Baroness bounty on Earth with 2 other players when the final boss got bored and left when we had him down to 20% health,  grrr.

Overall House of Wolves seems to be a nice little addition to the Destiny universe.  The new quests are challenging but manageable if you are willing to take your time.  I am not a huge PvPer but I hope to try out the  Trials of Osiris this week.  My skill level in first person shooters leaves a lot to be desired so I don’t see me unlocking any of the nice new PvP items anytime soon.

Let me know what you think of House of Wolves by posting a comment.

Square don’t you get enough of my money already…

Posted in Games, Square Enix with tags , , , , , , , on 08/10/2013 by arthur1977

Well Square Enix might have found another way to add an icon to my iPhone.  I am still heavily addicted to Guardian Cross and now at the Tokyo Game Show they show off one of their new games, Deadman’s Cross!

Here is the trailer that they released:

Killing Zombies, Great Artwork, Addicting Collections… Fine Square you win, sigh, here is my credit card number……

Early impressions of Tales of Xillia

Posted in Games, RPG with tags , , , , on 16/08/2013 by arthur1977

Looking for a different experience from the grittier games I have been playing recently I stumbled across Tales of Xillia. After reading up on it I decided to preorder it and picked it up when it got released last week and have really enjoyed the 4-5 hours I have put into it.

The story starts off with you selecting one of the two main characters: Jude or Millia. From reading up on the game the main story stays the same no matter who you pick but each character sees things differently. For my first play through I went with Jude, the promising medical student.

The first few hours have been very enjoyable. The graphics are bright and colourful even if they are a little dated (the game came out in Japan about
2 years ago). The characters so far have distinct personalities and interesting dialog between them in various cutscenes and little sub conversations.

Combat is fun and fast paced with simple commands that you can link together for great combo attacks. You also have the ability to link with one other party member which lets them perform special moves. This is a nice system and will finding you switching to different group mates depending on the enemies you face. The combat is more like a action/adventure game then standard RPG and I am really enjoying it.

Character development in Tales of Xillia is completely up to the player. It’s a mostly free system letting you pick from various points in what is best described as a spider web. If you want your team to be all physical attackers just put all your points in strength and vitality and run wild. They were also nice enough to add an option to auto level if you don’t want to spend the time figuring out the system.

I am looking forward to playing more, as it stands now this is a very nice addition to my RPG collection.

Fuse, chapters 1-3 impressions

Posted in Games with tags , , , , , , on 01/06/2013 by arthur1977

On Thursday night I had to stay up late to switch over to working midnights so I invited my friend Armitage over to play Fuse. We are both Insomniac fans and were looking forward to playing this game.

Fuse-Insomniac.jpgI purposely avoided playing to much of the game single player so we could both experience it new in split screen co-op. He selected Naya because of her cloaking ability and I chose Izzy for the shatter rifle and healing beacons.

We jumped right in and the first thing we noticed was the graphics are amazing, this is really noticeable in the outdoor sections of chapter 3. I found the controls smooth and easy to get use too. I love the way you can get your character to work their way around cover and power slide to the next cover area. The gunplay is fast, fun and the Fuse weapons are a blast to play with. The Shatter rifle is devastating and it’s so much fun freezing guys in crystals and seeing them shatter! (Great XP too)

I have so far found the story entertaining while far fetched. The banter between the four Overstrike team members is funny and not to over the top. Unlike some of the reviews I have read the characters controlled by AI while not very useful in a gun fight were quick to come and revive us when we needed it. The skill system is straight forward and the ability to add 1 team perk per character is nice. We decided to buy the XP bonus team perk to level up faster an buy new skills.

One minor dislikes about the game would be some of the times events I found a little frustrating and cannot see how you could do them single player.

By the end of the night I had Izzy at level 14 with her med beacon and some added firepower to her Shatter rifle. Armitage got Naya to level 12 with the stealth ability unlocked. After Naya gets her stealth ability her gameplay changes greatly it allows her to sneak up and silently kill guys before the massive gunfight begins.

Overall we had a blast getting through the first 3 chapters of the game. We played until two thirty in the morning before holstering our guns for the night and the time flew by.

Keep up the good work


Come on EB Games, where are my Pre-Order codes!

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Rant On…

Seriously EB Games, I preorder Fuse by Insomniac months ago and put 50$ down. I show up the night of its release and pick up my game and you don’t have my preorder codes. Worse of all you had not contacted EA to get the codes for the people who preordered the game from your store?

They suggested I try stopping by the next day to see if they showed up. So I did and still nothing, I think when he saw me again he realized that I was not going away and made a few phone calls. He said that he had to send out some emails and got my name and phone number and would call me in a day or two.

SERIOUSLY.. Why wait until the day after you are suppose to hand out the codes to email someone. You must have realized they were short when you got the shipment!

I have not heard a lot of good chatter about the EB Games/GameStop franchise and this experiences means my money will be going elsewhere for my next game / consul purchase.

……. Rant Off

Sorry everyone, just boggles my mind!

In a gaming rut…

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It seems like I am going through a rut when it comes to gaming. When ever I turn on my PS3 I gravitate towards Netflix more than and game in my library.

I am wondering if I am getting burned outing dark, grinding, difficult games like Skyrim and Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen. I really enjoy both games but with the time required to fully get immersed is just not possible right now with two little ones.

If anyone has suggestions on a light hearted fun games please leave a comment letting me know what it is so I can check it out.