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Happy Canada Day!

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Painted Canadian Flag

I just wanted to quickly pop on and wish everyone a Happy Canada Day.  I hope you all have a great day with family, friends, or just doing whatever you want to do by yourself!


Challenging week at work.

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I am a Project Safety Resource at the widget plant I work for. My primary responsibility is to ensure that  government and company rules and regulations are followed by the contract personnel assigned to my projects.  

More often then not I have no issues with the groups I am overseeing, they are professional and ask questions when they are unsure of the rules and regulations.  This week however it seemed like two out of my three contractor groups decided to not follow the basic rules that are expected in any construction site.  During the week I had to enter two Safety Incident Reports for obvious rule violations and confiscate some slings because they were to damaged to use.  On the plus side no one was hurt and the violations were minor.  I struggle to understand why some people disregard safety rules and then challenge when they are called on them.

Tomorrow is the start of another week.  Let’s see if my groups have learned their lesson from last week or do I need to take a stricter approach with my groups.  I have been told that you don’t make friends being a safety representative and I think I proved that point last week.

Time to shake the dust off and get back to blogging!

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Wow, its amazing how fast time flies.

Life can get hectic to say the least but I want to try and put a renewed focus on expressing my thoughts and experiences through this blog.  Considering I am a shy individual by nature, blogging is a great way to help me express myself.  I am hoping to expand my blogging topics, moving away for my video game focus that originally sparked my interest in blogging.

I want to thank everyone who read my blog before and hope there is continued interest in what I hope to transform this blog into.

Happy Birthday Little Man!

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Well it was a year ago today that my son was born. It signalled a monstrous reduction in my free time to blog and play video games but would not change it for the world.

I hope you had a great day my little Monster 🙂

My 3 year old Artist

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We got my Little Princess a black board for Christmas this year and she has fallen in love with drawing on it.  I love just watching her explore what she wants to draw and how her art has its own style already.  Normally she asks us to help her but we always make sure to follow her lead and ask her what she wants up to draw.  She was so proud of this picture of her brother with one tooth I just had to share it.

Little Princess Art 1

Happy New Year!

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I just wanted to wish everyone out there a Happy New Year!

Thank you for checking out my blog. I am hoping to reenergize it in 2014.

Keep Sm:)ing

Ryerson University Continuing Education – Occupational Health and Safety

Posted in Life with tags , , on 02/09/2013 by arthur1977

With all the crazy things happening at work I decided that I better upgrade my skills encase I get the pink slip in the next round or two of restructuring. After the last few years working in the plant as a Safety Steward and Operations Safety Lead I decided that health and safety was a field I really enjoyed even when the stress level gets raised.

Safety FirstAfter talking to our EH&S lead at the plant he suggested two different schools that offer good correspondence courses dealing in Occupational Health and Safety. I decided on the Occupational Health and Safety certificate at Ryerson University, partly because it has a secondary certificate that focuses on Advanced Safety Management if I was to continue my development and secondly it was the school my Father graduated from in 1972 for photography.

The benefit of still being employed at the plant is that they are willing to reimburse me for some of the expense of taking the courses. I am going to have to shake off a little rust and get back to the books. Looks like my gaming time is going to suffer for this, but alas its all for the greater good.