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Early impressions of Tales of Xillia

Posted in Games, RPG with tags , , , , on 16/08/2013 by arthur1977

Looking for a different experience from the grittier games I have been playing recently I stumbled across Tales of Xillia. After reading up on it I decided to preorder it and picked it up when it got released last week and have really enjoyed the 4-5 hours I have put into it.

The story starts off with you selecting one of the two main characters: Jude or Millia. From reading up on the game the main story stays the same no matter who you pick but each character sees things differently. For my first play through I went with Jude, the promising medical student.

The first few hours have been very enjoyable. The graphics are bright and colourful even if they are a little dated (the game came out in Japan about
2 years ago). The characters so far have distinct personalities and interesting dialog between them in various cutscenes and little sub conversations.

Combat is fun and fast paced with simple commands that you can link together for great combo attacks. You also have the ability to link with one other party member which lets them perform special moves. This is a nice system and will finding you switching to different group mates depending on the enemies you face. The combat is more like a action/adventure game then standard RPG and I am really enjoying it.

Character development in Tales of Xillia is completely up to the player. It’s a mostly free system letting you pick from various points in what is best described as a spider web. If you want your team to be all physical attackers just put all your points in strength and vitality and run wild. They were also nice enough to add an option to auto level if you don’t want to spend the time figuring out the system.

I am looking forward to playing more, as it stands now this is a very nice addition to my RPG collection.


An adventure around every corner… (maybe spoilers?)

Posted in Games, PS3, RPG with tags , , , on 25/11/2011 by arthur1977

Since I have made my decision to focus on becoming a Wizard I decided to make the track to the College of Winterhold.  While crossing the frozen wasteland I happened to run into the settlement of Alftand. Exploring the destroyed settlement I found an entrance to the Alftand Glacial Ruins and headed in.

The ruins are beautifully crafted dwarven stone work that is starting to crumble over time.  As I kept going deeper and started running in to mechanical Dwarven Spiders trying to block my way to little effect.  Part way down I happened upon some adventures that didn’t have as much luck as I surviving the horrors of the ruins.  After continuing down I made it to the Alftand Animonculory, in here I ran across a new enemy called the Felmers trying to block my way.

This is where my adventure currently stands.  I love exploring various points that I discover even when I am not at a level high enough to complete them.

Addicted to Dragon Age II

Posted in Dragon Age, Games, PS3, RPG with tags , , on 30/03/2011 by arthur1977

Well I have to say I am fully addicted to Dragon Age II!  Even when I set time aside to blog I find myself with a PS3 controller in my hand out questing with Hawke and the gang.  The more I play DA2 it seems the more I get pulled in to the story and each of its different threads. 

I am truly enjoying playing the Witty Mage with Hawke, the joking and bantering between the quest givers and the group is very entertaining.  I have made Hawke into a devastating area of effect killer and back up healer.  So far this has work out really well in most of the battles I have fought.  There is only one exception to this and that is when I tried to fight a dual and realized I had no chance of winning.  This is one of the story arcs that I wish I could have done differently, but as you find when playing this game sometimes your choices range from bad to even worse and there be nothing you can do!

I had the joy of running into another character from Dragon Age: Origins during one of the major battles I fought last night.  It’s strange to remember that I am not a Grey Warden in this game after being one in the first game.  The encounter reminded me that as much fun as I was having mucking around in the city there were other forces at work out there.  Speaking of the first game, another of my choices from DA:O was brought to my attention as well when talking to a Templar in Kirkwall. I had actually forgotten that we didn’t save the mage tower in Ferelden in my first play though, oh well who said the life of a Mage was ever easy.

I only have a few minor gripes after playing about 35-40 hours of Dragon Age II.  The first is the repetitiveness of some of the explore able areas, but I can sort of off write this to the fact that we never range that far from Kirkwall.  Another minor irritation is the fact that my game has crashed 3 times on me while playing.  This so far has not caused me any major problems because of the timely auto save but if it happens during a hard boss battle that I am about to win I might be a bit turned off.

All in all this is a very solid game with an amazing story and great combat.  I cannot wait for these next couple of shifts to fly by so I can spend some time with my ladies and maybe a little Dragon Age as well.


Dragon Age II: Impressions after 15 hours

Posted in Dragon Age, PS3, RPG with tags , , on 19/03/2011 by arthur1977

I have not had as much time to play Dragon Age II since launch but I have enjoyed every minute I have played.  The game has the familier feeling of the first game with lots of stream lines and graphical improvements.  I decided to play my first run through as a Witty Wizard, focusing my skills and traits on the Earth and Force trees.  I don’t plan to look up any of the trophies or go back and change any of my decisions to help avoid spoilers.

The story narration is an interesting way to tell the story with two different points of view.  I am enjoying it so far and have been trying to complete all the quests in Kirkwell before moving on to next story point.  I loaded one of my finished games for Dragon Age: Origins and have already ran across some quest that were affected by the choices I made in the previous game.  While they were not large game changing quests it’s a nice touch and it helped me remember the choices I made.  Already after about 15 hours I have been introduced to many different and unique characters that have join my group.  I find it now sometimes difficult to decide who to bring along questing depending on how I want the make up of my group.  I am usually adventuring with a Tank, Healer, Rogue and myself (DPS Mage).  So far I have had only a few chances to start building romantic relationships with some team mates (its been equal between male and female characters).

The combat have been fun and frantic at times.  I am only playing on the normal difficulty setting for my first play through and have had to redo a few battles already.  I like how they have set up the skill trees and added individualized ones for each member of your group.  This adds a nice new twist when building up a characters skills and relationship with you.

I am looking forward to my next adventure in Dragon Age II.  I should have a few free hours to tie up loose ends in the city tomorrow night and continue my quest to become the Champion!

Drop a comment and tell me what you guys think so far, I am interested in hearing some other opinions.

Active Time Babble XXXII: BioWare’s Mike Laidlaw talks Dragon Age II

Posted in Games, PS3, RPG with tags , , , on 03/03/2011 by arthur1977

If you are looking forward to Dragon Age II you have to check out this ATB XXXII.  It has a great interview with Mike Laidlaw from BioWare.  Mike talks about the some of the changes and fine tuning that has been done from the lessons learned with Dragon Age Origins.   Kat does a great interview and I am looking forward to DA2 now more than ever!!

Dragon Age II Demo

Posted in Games, PS3, RPG, Uncategorized with tags , on 21/02/2011 by arthur1977

I cannot wait to get my first taste of Dragon Age II.  The Demo comes out tomorrow… I wonder if I my wife would kill me if I called in sick to play it?

Pre Order Two Worlds 2, but from where?

Posted in Games, PS3, RPG with tags , on 02/12/2010 by arthur1977

I have been looking for a new RPG to play while I wait for Dragon Age 2 to come out and I came across Two Worlds 2.  This game looks like it would fill the void nicely and it comes out right at the end of the holiday season (gives me time to work on Transformers: WFC plat, only 5 trophies to go).

My main question now is where to pre-order it from!  I am leaning heavily towards grabbing it at EB Games and getting the Luciendar Sword and the Labyrinth extra level, the other store that has bonus materials it Wal-Mart with the Dragon Scale Armor.  The armor sounds great and I liked the bonus armor in Dragon Age but how can you turn down an extra level.

My question to you is how do you decide where to pre-order?  Do you look for the best offer even though in the long run it usually does not matter, or do you just go to your favorite store?  Drop me a comment and let me know, I am interested in seeing if I am like everyone else and look for the best deal.