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Republic vs. Empire

Posted in SWTOR with tags , , , on 15/01/2012 by arthur1977

I have been exploring both sides of conflict in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I now have a Level 13 Scoundrel (Healing) and a level 12 Sith Sorcerer (DPS).

I have enjoyed playing my Sorcerer a little more than my Scoundrel because I have been partying with my cousin (a level 27 Bounty Hunter). We ran “The Black Talon” last time we were on and I really enjoyed the experience. I am use to the style of play with the Sorcerer because I normally play Mage or long range DPS classes in MMO’s.

As for my Scoundrel, the class story is very interesting. I generally do not play short range DPS / Healers so I am just getting use to this style of play. This guy is in a guild with friends from back when I played SWG, the problem is that on average I am 20 levels behind then so grouping has been difficult.

Soon I might have to make a big choice. I don’t have a lot of free time to play so to get one character to max level I have to pick. The one bonus is that my cousin might be willing to roll a character on my Scoundrel’s server.

Hmmmm… Purple Lightning or Blasters and Medpacks…..

Its going to be a tough decision! What side do you prefer?


SWTOR Podcasts

Posted in SWTOR with tags , , on 10/01/2012 by arthur1977

Well as it turned out I did stay home Friday night and the rest of the weekend because my family got hit with a nasty little bug.  Luckily all of us were over it by Monday night and things have returned to normal.  I used my forced down time over the weekend to get caught up on some podcasts that had been falling behind on, mainly the three Star Wars: The Old Republic ones.

Here are the three I listen to:



Darth Hater






The Instance: The Old Republic






MMO Reporter: Star Wars: The Old Republic



If you have any other suggestions about other podcasts that you think people should listen to please leave a comment and share your opinion.

Now its time to try to get my Scoundrels space ship back!

Level 10, Decision time!

Posted in SWTOR with tags , , on 05/01/2012 by arthur1977

Gunslinger or Scoundrel?

Monster DPS or Healer / Stealth / Support DPS?

Well I finally made it to level 10 with my newly minted Smuggler last night and soon it will be decision time. I am still working my way through the beginner world so there is no rush on the decision between my advanced class options. I am strongly leaning towards the Scoundrel for its multipurpose usefulness, even though I love playing DPS classes (usually Ranged/Magic users). The thought of being able to heal, stealth, and cause some damage in this case is just to appealing to turn down, and I also think will help make me more valuable in a group.

I am really enjoying playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, almost to the point where I was tempted on canceling plans for Friday night just to run with my guild mates to fight some world bosses (I still might be a little low for that though). For a MMO this game so far has done a really good job building an interesting story as it teaches you about the game. I am looking forward to grouping with some people soon to try the Heroic 2+ quests that are on the beginning planet then head out to explore the rest of the vast universe BioWare has created.

10 days late but I’m in..

Posted in MMO, SWTOR with tags , , , on 31/12/2011 by arthur1977

For being a patient individual I finally got frustrated at Best Buy for not having copies of SWTOR and hit up EB Games for my copy (gift cards be dammed).

After my ladies went to sleep I logged in and started making some characters. Needless to say after 90 minutes of making and remaking my toons I finally started my life as a Smuggler named Gutvik on Vulkar Highway.

After all that time creating I only got to play the first few quests on the starter planet. I like the cover mechanic and how it shows you where go when you activate it. I am use to playing ranged characters so this class fits nicely with my play style, I do think I will level a Jedi Consular as an alt just to try out the double handed Lightsaber! My next step with my Smuggler is to figure out what specialty class to be and pick some crew skills.

Well that is it for now, everyone have a Happy New Year!! I will see you all in 2012.

A long time ago….

Posted in Games, SWTOR with tags , on 19/12/2011 by arthur1977

With the pre order early start here I decided to try Star Wars: The Old Republic for a few hours this weekend.

The game is beautiful even being played on my 3 year old computer. The story starts off strong and voice dialog is appreciated compared to reading text boxes in other MMO’s.

I have enjoyed my time so far in game so much that I am thinking of buying a copy even if I can only play a few hours a week.

I have played a Smuggler and Jedi Consular to try one range and melee class. Both are fun with interesting beginning story lines while you get a feel for the class.

Overall this game looks SWEET! I might just have to in the new year take a serious look at this title.

Dust off your Blasters, SWTOR has a Launch date!

Posted in Games, MMO, SWTOR with tags , , , on 24/09/2011 by arthur1977

Well it finally happened, BioWare and LucasArts announced a launch date for SWTOR of December 20th 2011 in North America and December 22nd 2011 in Europe.  They were also kind enough to finalize the subscription fees: 1 month for $14.99, 3 for $41.97 and 6 for 77.94.  This is very happy news for everyone who has been following this game for years!  It’s a great date for me because it gives me time to finish my to do list and still have a month to play Uncharted 3 or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

All that is left now is to sit back and wait,

SWTOR Pre-Order… Check!

Posted in SWTOR with tags , , on 11/09/2011 by arthur1977

Well my financial situation won over my inner Geek and I pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic Standard edition Friday night on my way to a friend’s house.  There are lots of great items attached to the CE but I could not commit the cash, I think the extra money would be better spent on subscription fees.

Now all that is left  to hear is when I can log on and create my Scoundrel.  See you online soon Guardians!