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40 years of Sunny Days

Posted in TV with tags , , on 22/04/2012 by arthur1977

I was out with my family this afternoon at our local Chapters enjoying the afternoon. This Chapters has a children’s play area and my Little Princess was exploring it having a great time. She loves Sesame Street, mostly Elmo, so I went looking to see what they had. We ended picking up the DVD collection 40 years of Sunny Days, which has skits from 1969 to 2009.

I was a huge Sesame Street when I was little and it was great seeing some I the older skits that I grew up on. The fact that my daughter loves it to is amazing.

Now if I can only get her into liking Transformers and hockey 😉


Deadliest Warrior Marathon

Posted in TV with tags , , on 26/07/2010 by arthur1977

I was just killing time Saturday afternoon when I came across the Deadliest Warrior Marathon.  I have heard of the show before and never really gave it much attention but the first show hooked me by battling Spartans versus Ninjas.  I like both these fighter class so I was interested in seeing how they would decided who was the deadliest.  I like how they selected a list of 4 weapons use to deal damage from various ranges and compare there lethality before doing their simulation to decide who would win.

Although I did not quite agree with the outcome of the battle between these two warriors (Spartans won), I got sucked in to watching quite a few more shows after that.  I tended to watch only the more classic duels since I am more of a fan of swordplay then gun fighting (so I passed on the C.I.A. vs K.G.B. show). All in all I think I watched about 7 or 8 episodes during the course of the marathon.  Out off all of them my top three episodes would have to be: 1. Vlad the Impaler Vs Sun Tzu, 2. Spartan Vs. Ninja and 3. Ming Warrior Vs. French Musketeer.   Out of all the ones I missed I would also like to check out the battle between Attila the Hun Vs. Alexander the Great and Apache Vs. Gladiator, so it looks like I will have to keep my eyes open for this show in the future.

What I learned from Canada’s Worst Handyman!

Posted in TV with tags , on 17/06/2010 by arthur1977

I have to admit that I love watching Canada’s Worst Handyman. I find the show very funny and educational. I decided to make a list of the top 5 things I learned from watching this years Canada’s Worst Handyman 5.

5. I am not the worst amateur handyman in Canada. I am not great, but not CWH bad.

4. When I go to mount a flat screen TV on the wall I now have a basic understanding how to fish wires in a wall.

3. Follow the K.I.S.S. model (keep it simple stupid). Leave the hard stuff for the professionals, only tackle jobs within you skill level.

2. Home renovations are not that hard. Just set aside enough time and be patient.

1. Read the instruction, re-read the instructions, and if your don’t understand them read them again!