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Challenging week at work.

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I am a Project Safety Resource at the widget plant I work for. My primary responsibility is to ensure that  government and company rules and regulations are followed by the contract personnel assigned to my projects.  

More often then not I have no issues with the groups I am overseeing, they are professional and ask questions when they are unsure of the rules and regulations.  This week however it seemed like two out of my three contractor groups decided to not follow the basic rules that are expected in any construction site.  During the week I had to enter two Safety Incident Reports for obvious rule violations and confiscate some slings because they were to damaged to use.  On the plus side no one was hurt and the violations were minor.  I struggle to understand why some people disregard safety rules and then challenge when they are called on them.

Tomorrow is the start of another week.  Let’s see if my groups have learned their lesson from last week or do I need to take a stricter approach with my groups.  I have been told that you don’t make friends being a safety representative and I think I proved that point last week.


Happy Holidays

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I hope everyone has a great holiday season.

All the best in 2015!!

Beep…Beep…Beep… Wait there is still a pulse….

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Due to events in real life I needed to shift my attention away from blogging. Some of the events have been good and some bad but that’s just the way life goes.

Now that I am back on shift I should have time to get in the swing of writing again. I hope to write about Black Thursday at work, experiences playing Guardian Cross, recent pre-orders, and just life in general.

All the best everyone and thanks for dropping by!

Frustration Growing in Guardian Cross

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When the rumors of Final Fantasy V cards being released started, I began saving up the Special Hunting Tickets i got on my iPod’s account.

With their recent release I decided to spend all 13 of my SHT’s in one sitting hoping for the best. I have been shut out over the last 4 months on my special hunts without landing a 5* or even an Ace 4*. With over 40 special hunts under my belt (some bought, some free) and have only 2 5*’s (Ifrit, Phoenix) to show for them.

Just as I finished my setup an was all ready to start hunting, my little girl started coughing and got sick on her bed. So the hunt got delayed as my wife and I changed her sheets and gave her a bath at 10:30pm. Once everything was settled and the rest of the family was sleeping I sat down and focused on the hunt.

As I hunted I recorded the spoils of each ticket. Ticket after ticket I hunted, growing just a little more frustrated with each. When the 13 tickets were gone I even bought 2 more trying to get me over the top. Once the dust settled I looked over the guardians I got more frustrated with the game then ever. The final count was 94 3*’s (about 7 Aces) and 12 4*’s (with an Ace Atar), and ZERO 5*’s!


That’s about all I can say, I was trying to be optimistic and hope just for one Deadmoon 5* in 15 special hunting tickets. I could not imagine how angry I would have been if I payed for all those tickets and came away with nothing!

I have now passes the 200 days playing mark with only 2 hunted 5*’s to show for it.

To say the least my motivation for this game is wavering. Square-Enix is just lucky I have some good friends in game that keep me coming back for more. Hopefully the ratios for hunting 5*’s go up because I cannot see myself dropping any more money into this game unless something changes.

The ball is in your court now Square…..

Knights of Pen and Paper

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I have been keeping my eye on this game for a few weeks and finally picked it up about a week ago.

The game lets you select up to 5 characters and classes then puts you in the hands of a Game Master that guides you through your adventure. You get a choice of 5 classes (Paladin, Wizard, Cleric, Druid, and Rogue) to choose from to start them unlock more as you go. Also you earn in game money by adventuring and can spend it upgrading your weapons and armor or buy items for your table to boost stats.

My first group started with a Paladin, Rogue and Wizard. The trio worked well but when I unlocked the Bard class I restarted. My new group was Paladin (tank), Wizard (DPS), and Bard (healing). Using this group I saved money and quested to unlock the rest of the classes (necromancer, hunter, barbarian, and knight). Along the way I added a Knight and Hunter to my party to see how the classes work.

After unlocking the development team (5 new characters to chose from) I restarted again using those characters. My team now consists of a Necromancer, Paladin, Hunter, Cleric and Wizard. I found this combination to give me amazing balance with a tank, 3 DPS with AOE ability and a healer.

The game has a unique sense of humor having quests like Bhostguster with the quest giver maned Mill Burray. The game gives you lots of choices on how you can build your team and how you play each class. It has a simple base game that hooks you, but has a lot of good strategy hidden underneath the surface.

I am addicted, it’s on of the best games I have played this year. Best of all it’s a game you play off line so I can play it at work!

Final Fantasy V invades Guardian Cross!

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Square-Enix let lose another round of Final Fantasy characters into Guardian Cross. This time it’s to celebrate Final Fantasy V being released on iTunes. The art work on these cards is amazing and I would love to get my hands on a Odin or Shinryu (even an off type) just to have in my lineup!
So far I have used 4 special hunting tickets in the Deadmoon dessert and have only landed 3 4*’s and 19 3*’s. As you can tell my poor luck has not changed! Because real life has been hectic this week I am aiming for a C+ rank in the Coli for another special hunting ticket and another shot.


I really hope my luck changes so, I want one of these guys 🙂

A new adventure in the Elder Scrolls universe!

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Now that the house has calmed down a bit as we slowly get use to having our new Little Guy around, I decided to look through my catalog of old games (I am still interested in playing a good JRPG but just cannot justify the expenditure at this time).

After sifting through by back log the game that jumped out at me was Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I bought the game at release and played it for a while until all the bugs started popping up in the PS3 version. Now that most of the bugs have been addressed I think it’s time to head back and give it another try.

I decided to start my character again from scratch. My first adventure in Skyrim I created a Mage dealing death and distraction with fireballs and lightning, but had trouble staying alive. This time I wanted a more robust character and decided on a Dark Elf roughly based on the Shadow Warrior build I found The Skyrim Blog character building site. It uses Heavy Armor, Shields and Stealth to improve survivability.

I just hit level 10 and am loving it. I am working on leveling my stealth, illusion and block skills. Archery looks to be my biggest challenge, I have yet to get the hang of it. My next goal is to join the Bard college for the speech boost then off to become a member of the Imperial Legion.

With two little ones and a full time job this game will be a long term project, but one I think I’m up for.