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Sometimes I just don’t understand people…

Posted in Work with tags , , on 20/06/2015 by arthur1977

Thursday we added three people to my Automation project.  It’s a good opportunity for these operators because it offers them a chance to become specialists on the sites new equipment.

After the shift I talked to some of the contractors they were assisting and hands down they said two of the guys were amazing, very hard workers.  The third was described as the worst person they had ever had to work with in the last 30 years! 

I guess the third operator took it upon himself to “test” the system by purposely doing things wrong when they were trying to debug system. He also tore a strip of a junior programmer stating that he is responsible for people losing their jobs because of the new equipment, which is not true.

It’s unfortunate that one individual can paint such a bad image of our site.  Needless to say the third operator is no longer involved in the project. I don’t understand what would drive them to act this, especially since they told me themselves that they were trying to get in the sites good books for other opportunities. I have a feeling after talking to the Project Lead  that this incident will be a big step back for them in that regard.