MMO History

I have been playing MMO’s off and on for about 10 years, here is a list of some of my more advanced characters:

Star Wars Galaxies

Gutvik – Master Smuggler/ Pistoleer

Necromancer – Master Doctor

EverQuest 2

Nogusta – Defiler Lv 57

Gutvik – Wizard Lv 40

Final Fantasy XI

Gutvik – Thief 14/White Mage 8

Dungeons and Dragons Online

Gutvik – Thief Lv 9.3 (2007)

Innis Gunn – Paladin Lv 5

Gutvyk – Cleric 5 / Fighter 1

World of Warcraft

Gutvik – Mage Lv 62

Warhammer Online

Binge Drinker – Bright Wizard Lv 38/36

Innis Gunn – Engineer Lv 12/10

Final Fantasy XIV

Xanadu Virtue

Thaumaturge 10, Woodworking 10, Smithing 10, Botany 10, Mining 9, Cloth Craft 9

Guild Wars

King Arthur Vii – Monk/Ranger


I have also been involved with some great guilds from “A New Hope” and “RGU” in SWG, the “Moonlight Raiders” in EQ2, to “Loose Screws” and “The Prismatic Order” in Warhammer.  Thanks to everyone for making my time online so enjoyable.


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