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A Sunday road trip to Ottawa for Playoff Football!

Posted in Sports with tags , , , , , , on 21/01/2013 by arthur1977


My friend Big Sexy sent me a text Friday afternoon wondering if I wanted to take a bus trip to Ottawa to watch the NFL conference finals. I agree and met them outside of Jaxx’s at 10:30, it turns out this trip was for a Bud Light promotion and also included a chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl! We headed up and started the party on the bus, there were 12 people and all of them had made this trip for a couple years.

The bus trip took a couple of hours and was great getting the know the other people taking the trip. We got to Tail Gators in Ottawa around 1:00, nice and early to scout out some great seats to spend the next nine hours. We grabbed some seats close to the bar and with a good grouping of TV’s around us. The funniest part was once we sat down the waitress showed up and it turned out to be Alicia the same waitress that they had for the last 2 years! Well the pitchers started flowing after that and we all registered for our chance to win the Super Bowl trip then settled down to watch some football. The first game was great and the 49ers fan that was sitting to my left was looking a little rough after the first half. During the first intermission they drew 6 names and no one in our group was called. All of us were feeling great after the first game (none of us were Falcons fans) and Tail Gators put out a buffet for the us to get some food.

While there was a break in the games they pulled another 6 names and to my surprise the last name pulled was ME! It was the third year in a row that someone from Jaxx’s was called up in the final 18. The draw for trip was set for around half time of the Baltimore / New England game so I got comfortable and poured myself another drink.


A view from the Finalist Area for the Super Bowl Trip draw.

Once again the game was awesome, the first half was close with great catches and lots of bone crushing hits. Over the first intermission they called the last 6 names that made the finals, no one else from my group made it up. It is funny though how many new best friends I had with a potential trip to the Super Bowl hanging in the balance! Once halftime hit I waited to be called up but like most events being handled that day they were behind. The 3ed quarter started and about half way through they called up all the finalists to check ID’s and to put their names on a ballot. Two contestants didn’t have their ID so they got disqualified (sweet better odds for me). The process to get down to the last 8 was a draw, and that is where my luck came to an end as I was not one of the 8 luck contestants that had their names pulled. Oh well, being one of the last 16 out of 400 that had registered was still nice.

We watched the end of the game and celebrated Baltimore finishing off New England and settled our tab. Not a bad day of watching football and drinking beer with friends, the tab for the group I was cheering with totaled around 250$ including a gracious tip for our hard working waitress. Once on the bus the group split on a couple pizzas and settled in. The ride home was a little more subdued with half the bus catching up on some sleep. It was a hell of a day 14 hours day and well worth it.

Great football, and getting a chance to meet some good people, you cannot ask for anything more.