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OMG…. Game On, eh!

Posted in Sports with tags , , , on 06/01/2013 by arthur1977

Finally after months of negotiations it looks like the NHL and NHLPA finally agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement.

I have a feeling that the damage from this lock out will greater than the one 8 years ago. Personally I am happy to see hockey again but I am not jumping for joy. My big hope is that all the business and people affected by the lock out can get back to work.

I am also interested in seeing how the NHL tries to get the fans they lost back. After the last lock out many teams raised ticket prices with no complaints, I have a feeling that would be a really bad move this time.

Bring on the mad panic of signings before the start of the season in late January. Anyone know where Roberto Luongo is going to end up?

Go Canucks Go!