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Come on EB Games, where are my Pre-Order codes!

Posted in Games with tags , , , , , , , on 29/05/2013 by arthur1977

Rant On…

Seriously EB Games, I preorder Fuse by Insomniac months ago and put 50$ down. I show up the night of its release and pick up my game and you don’t have my preorder codes. Worse of all you had not contacted EA to get the codes for the people who preordered the game from your store?

They suggested I try stopping by the next day to see if they showed up. So I did and still nothing, I think when he saw me again he realized that I was not going away and made a few phone calls. He said that he had to send out some emails and got my name and phone number and would call me in a day or two.

SERIOUSLY.. Why wait until the day after you are suppose to hand out the codes to email someone. You must have realized they were short when you got the shipment!

I have not heard a lot of good chatter about the EB Games/GameStop franchise and this experiences means my money will be going elsewhere for my next game / consul purchase.

……. Rant Off

Sorry everyone, just boggles my mind!


In a gaming rut…

Posted in Games with tags , , , , , on 22/05/2013 by arthur1977

It seems like I am going through a rut when it comes to gaming. When ever I turn on my PS3 I gravitate towards Netflix more than and game in my library.

I am wondering if I am getting burned outing dark, grinding, difficult games like Skyrim and Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen. I really enjoy both games but with the time required to fully get immersed is just not possible right now with two little ones.

If anyone has suggestions on a light hearted fun games please leave a comment letting me know what it is so I can check it out.


The beginning of the Rebirth system in Guardian Cross

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Starting this morning the Rebirth system went live in the international version of Guardian Cross. Even though this will make the elite players with multiple accounts even more top end elite I am looking forward to seeing how my deck will change. I am almost afraid to see how dominate some of the top end decks will become especially with newer 5*’s like Thor or Hornfrost Phoenix rebirthed.

20130218-141244.jpgI know for sure now that I will never be able to compete at the top end due to my lack of skills acquiring 5*’s but I am looking forward to seeing how my 4* Aces will evolve and affect my team. I just Rebirth my Ace Golem and leveled him to his new cap of 60, the addition of the “Last Stand” skill will help him compete with the newer 4* guardians that were released in the desert and snow zones. I still have my Ace Angel, Caim and Talos to rebirth and hopefully make a run at some new cards in the coliseums.

I am also now on the search for some off standard 5*’s like a Brave Bahamut or a Intelligent Ifrit. I have limited trading resources so I will have to be patient, but that is never a problem for me.

Have fun everyone with this new system.  Here is a link to a guide I found useful about the Rebirth system: Haruno’s Guide to the Rebirth System

Shadow of the Mad King!

Posted in Guild Wars with tags , , , , on 25/10/2012 by arthur1977

Guild Wars 2 Halloween event started on October 22 and I have been enjoying it. From reading their website its going to be rolled out in four separate acts starting on October 22 for act 1, October 26 for act 2, October 28 for act 3 and finishing out on October 31 with act 4.

So far I have been spending my time exploring Divinity’s Reach and Queensdale with my level 12 Mesmer looking for Haunted Doors, pumpkins to carve, and raw candy corn to mine. I have had fun hunting the Halloween creatures that the doors release when your character interacts with then, from glowing skeletons to walking candy corn monsters. You also get the chance to loot Trick-or-Treat bags from enemies or harvesting candy corn. The gem story now has a costume of the Mad King himself and all the Black Lion Chest from October 23 to November 5 will give you Halloween-themed weapon skins.

I am looking forward to the upcoming acts in the near future and seeing the effects of the Mad Kings influence on the world. I am glad I still have some time off to hopefully take advantage of this extra content.

Building my team in Guardian Cross

Posted in Games, Square Enix with tags , , , , , , on 07/10/2012 by arthur1977

I am still working on filling out my deck in Guardian Cross.  I like how my coliseum team is starting to look with my recent acquisitions of a Vampire and Giant in the last couple of days.  I have yet to luck out and land any 5* guardians either by trade or hunting even though I have used 6 special hunting tickets.  To get two of those tickets I purchased 400 hundred coins from the Coin Dealer and had my two worst hunts yet (I did not even manage to get a 4*, LOL), but since I have logged many hours in the game I still don’t regret giving Square-Enix some cash.

My plan over the next week is to try and trade and finish a few more collection pages (8+9) for the rewards (recovery potions and special hunting tickets) and work on getting my Vampire maxed out.  I have managed to get my hands on a second Byakko and hope I can turn it into something I need.

My success in the coliseum has been inconstant to say the least.  At times I can take down  a team that has a maxed out 5* Guardian, where others I my team stumbles to get started and ends up getting steam rolled.  My group really struggles when it is faced with a team filled with guardians that revive, nothing is as demoralizing as killing a maxed level Phoenix just to have him reappear!  Add me as a friend: Yurika.  Let me know if you have anything to trade and drop me a line if you have any 5*’s because I would really love to get my hands on one… especially a Dominion!

Beat down by a 5* Dominion!

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron First Impression

Posted in Games with tags , , , on 24/08/2012 by arthur1977

Fall of Cybertron has been out for a couple of days now and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time playing it.  First off the game looks and sounds amazing, the transformers are well animated and the environmental sounds and voice acting are top notch.  I have tried to split my time between the single player and multi player experiences.

The single player experience is slightly different this time with the removal of Co-op and not allowing you to select what transformer to use.  This enables them to structure each chapter for a particular robot and their special ability.  I have made it to Chapter V and love it so far.  Changing robots every chapter keeps the story and game play fresh and lets you enjoy abilities like cloaking and grappling.  So far there have been a few spots where I continuously end up getting killed and have needed to set the controller down for a short break.  They mostly consist of being bombarded by enemies with a limited space to hide but after a few more tries I managed to complete the objectives.

Multi-player has also been a blast.  I have spent some time playing both Team Deathmatch and Conquest and get owned in both.  The ability to customize  your robots in depth is a lot of fun and allows you to create one designed just for you (Prime in Decepticon colours looks strange).  The multi player maps are well laid out and a lot of fun to explore (and in my case get killed!).  You level up your 4 different classes and unlock perks to help you kill your enemies faster or to help you stay in one piece.  I have had no problems finding matches to play in which was a little bit of an issue in the first game.

Overall this game is SWEET.  Its a solid follow up to War for Cybertron and I cannot wait to find out what High Moon Studios plans to do next (be it Transformers based or not).

The calming power of God of War?

Posted in PS3 with tags , , , on 20/05/2012 by arthur1977

Over the last few weeks I have been working extended hours while the project I am on nears completion. Last week was the worst hitting 57.5 hours on site and with the tight time line and groups not cooperating with one another I was in a foul mood Friday night.

I needed to get some air after I got home so I took a spin to our local Best Buy to buy a new controller. There was a sale on for the Ultimate Combo Pack so I grabbed the one with the 2 God of War games and the red controller.

The next day my Wife was nice and gave me some down time by going to her parents house with our Little Princess for the afternoon.

After completing my todo list I sat down for some tension relief. I put in the God of War: Origins Collection and selected Chains of Olympus. My experience playing GoW is minimal having only played the demo for GoW 3 so the combat system was new and interesting.


I played for about 2 hours and really enjoyed it. There is something to the thought of getting you pent up frustrations out through mindlessly brutalizing enemies in video games. After my gaming secession I felt better and realized I was letting things get to me at work and just needed to take a step back and relax. Releasing my frustration out through Kratos allowed me to calm down and think straight.

Just a few more weeks until the project I am working on is complete, let’s hope I don’t need any more of these stress relief secessions!

Thanks for letting me rant, I hope everyone has a great week.