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Square don’t you get enough of my money already…

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Well Square Enix might have found another way to add an icon to my iPhone.  I am still heavily addicted to Guardian Cross and now at the Tokyo Game Show they show off one of their new games, Deadman’s Cross!

Here is the trailer that they released:

Killing Zombies, Great Artwork, Addicting Collections… Fine Square you win, sigh, here is my credit card number……


Final Fantasy XIV invades Guardian Cross

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Well it was nice of Square Enix to put a touch of Final Fantasy XIV in a game I currently have time to play. Knowing my luck I will have no chance in hell of actually having one I my deck anytime soon, but still they have amazing art work.

Here is a sample of some of the new guardians:


These guys would look great in my deck next to Golbez, Odin and Mighty Rubicante.

Finally… A SHT pays off!

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With the rerelease of the Final Fantasy IV guardians in Storm Reach I decided to use my Special Hunting Ticket (SHT) that I got for filling my 24 login card there.

A good friend of mine in game gave me some great advice about hunting with SHT’s, it was not to expect to catch anything that way you are never disappointed. An easy thing for me to do with my legendary bad luck hunting 5*’s.

After using some normal hunting tickets to get warmed up I selected my SHT. Taking my friends advice I expected to get some feeders for my Almighty Fortuna and little of anything else. After the first few kills I spotted a flashing Giant shadow and was rewarded with +10 seconds and ….

To be honest it’s felt like eternity since I managed to acquire a 5* guardian white hunting. When I saw this guy show up I smiled! It had been about 6 months since I landed my other 2 hunted 5*’s and Thor is by far the best.

I have been lucky playing Guardians Cross and making some friends who have been very influential in keeping my playing. We help each other out whenever possible with both cards and stones.

One of them, ManAcus, has recently had enough with and quit. He was one of the first guys I met playing and has been generous gifting me over 140 Silver Slimes! We shared a common bond in that his luck at hunting 5* guardians was as bad as mine. After competing in a recent coliseum and getting beat by teams filled with reborn 5*’s, he decided to turn his attention to other games and I wish him all the best.

Frustration Growing in Guardian Cross

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When the rumors of Final Fantasy V cards being released started, I began saving up the Special Hunting Tickets i got on my iPod’s account.

With their recent release I decided to spend all 13 of my SHT’s in one sitting hoping for the best. I have been shut out over the last 4 months on my special hunts without landing a 5* or even an Ace 4*. With over 40 special hunts under my belt (some bought, some free) and have only 2 5*’s (Ifrit, Phoenix) to show for them.

Just as I finished my setup an was all ready to start hunting, my little girl started coughing and got sick on her bed. So the hunt got delayed as my wife and I changed her sheets and gave her a bath at 10:30pm. Once everything was settled and the rest of the family was sleeping I sat down and focused on the hunt.

As I hunted I recorded the spoils of each ticket. Ticket after ticket I hunted, growing just a little more frustrated with each. When the 13 tickets were gone I even bought 2 more trying to get me over the top. Once the dust settled I looked over the guardians I got more frustrated with the game then ever. The final count was 94 3*’s (about 7 Aces) and 12 4*’s (with an Ace Atar), and ZERO 5*’s!


That’s about all I can say, I was trying to be optimistic and hope just for one Deadmoon 5* in 15 special hunting tickets. I could not imagine how angry I would have been if I payed for all those tickets and came away with nothing!

I have now passes the 200 days playing mark with only 2 hunted 5*’s to show for it.

To say the least my motivation for this game is wavering. Square-Enix is just lucky I have some good friends in game that keep me coming back for more. Hopefully the ratios for hunting 5*’s go up because I cannot see myself dropping any more money into this game unless something changes.

The ball is in your court now Square…..

Final Fantasy V invades Guardian Cross!

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Square-Enix let lose another round of Final Fantasy characters into Guardian Cross. This time it’s to celebrate Final Fantasy V being released on iTunes. The art work on these cards is amazing and I would love to get my hands on a Odin or Shinryu (even an off type) just to have in my lineup!
So far I have used 4 special hunting tickets in the Deadmoon dessert and have only landed 3 4*’s and 19 3*’s. As you can tell my poor luck has not changed! Because real life has been hectic this week I am aiming for a C+ rank in the Coli for another special hunting ticket and another shot.


I really hope my luck changes so, I want one of these guys 🙂

My old friend Ifrit is becoming obsolete :(

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Reality hit home on how bad my hunting of 5*’s has become. When I got my team set up for this weeks coliseum using the auto select it did not include my first ever hunted 5*. It turns out that my Intelligent Ifrit had been beaten out by my Ace rebirthed Golem and Caim. To put icing on the cake my only other naturally hunted 5* didn’t make it either (Power Phoenix).


The first 5* I ever hunted in Guardian Cross

I am glad that I have some good friends in game that have traded me some good 5* guardians when they got doubles and the few trades I made some time ago! With this revelation I decided to send out some trade requests and try and find a better typed Ifrit to rebirth my own into a useful member of my team again. After searching the boards and sending out a few friend invited to people with Ifrit’s that I challenged in coliseums. After a day or two of hard work I found a nice gamer who was interested in my Power Phoenix straight up for his Power Ifrit.

I hope to rebirth him sometime this week and have him ready for next weeks coliseum. With the rebirthed Ifrit has a great +25% Atk bouns when it hits level 70 which brings it out of oblivion to be a solid member of most decks.

I am glad my good friend can come back to relevance, he has been a good trooper of mine for a very long time.

The beginning of the Rebirth system in Guardian Cross

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Starting this morning the Rebirth system went live in the international version of Guardian Cross. Even though this will make the elite players with multiple accounts even more top end elite I am looking forward to seeing how my deck will change. I am almost afraid to see how dominate some of the top end decks will become especially with newer 5*’s like Thor or Hornfrost Phoenix rebirthed.

20130218-141244.jpgI know for sure now that I will never be able to compete at the top end due to my lack of skills acquiring 5*’s but I am looking forward to seeing how my 4* Aces will evolve and affect my team. I just Rebirth my Ace Golem and leveled him to his new cap of 60, the addition of the “Last Stand” skill will help him compete with the newer 4* guardians that were released in the desert and snow zones. I still have my Ace Angel, Caim and Talos to rebirth and hopefully make a run at some new cards in the coliseums.

I am also now on the search for some off standard 5*’s like a Brave Bahamut or a Intelligent Ifrit. I have limited trading resources so I will have to be patient, but that is never a problem for me.

Have fun everyone with this new system.  Here is a link to a guide I found useful about the Rebirth system: Haruno’s Guide to the Rebirth System