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Square don’t you get enough of my money already…

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Well Square Enix might have found another way to add an icon to my iPhone.  I am still heavily addicted to Guardian Cross and now at the Tokyo Game Show they show off one of their new games, Deadman’s Cross!

Here is the trailer that they released:

Killing Zombies, Great Artwork, Addicting Collections… Fine Square you win, sigh, here is my credit card number……


Knights of Pen and Paper

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I have been keeping my eye on this game for a few weeks and finally picked it up about a week ago.

The game lets you select up to 5 characters and classes then puts you in the hands of a Game Master that guides you through your adventure. You get a choice of 5 classes (Paladin, Wizard, Cleric, Druid, and Rogue) to choose from to start them unlock more as you go. Also you earn in game money by adventuring and can spend it upgrading your weapons and armor or buy items for your table to boost stats.

My first group started with a Paladin, Rogue and Wizard. The trio worked well but when I unlocked the Bard class I restarted. My new group was Paladin (tank), Wizard (DPS), and Bard (healing). Using this group I saved money and quested to unlock the rest of the classes (necromancer, hunter, barbarian, and knight). Along the way I added a Knight and Hunter to my party to see how the classes work.

After unlocking the development team (5 new characters to chose from) I restarted again using those characters. My team now consists of a Necromancer, Paladin, Hunter, Cleric and Wizard. I found this combination to give me amazing balance with a tank, 3 DPS with AOE ability and a healer.

The game has a unique sense of humor having quests like Bhostguster with the quest giver maned Mill Burray. The game gives you lots of choices on how you can build your team and how you play each class. It has a simple base game that hooks you, but has a lot of good strategy hidden underneath the surface.

I am addicted, it’s on of the best games I have played this year. Best of all it’s a game you play off line so I can play it at work!

The beginning of the Rebirth system in Guardian Cross

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Starting this morning the Rebirth system went live in the international version of Guardian Cross. Even though this will make the elite players with multiple accounts even more top end elite I am looking forward to seeing how my deck will change. I am almost afraid to see how dominate some of the top end decks will become especially with newer 5*’s like Thor or Hornfrost Phoenix rebirthed.

20130218-141244.jpgI know for sure now that I will never be able to compete at the top end due to my lack of skills acquiring 5*’s but I am looking forward to seeing how my 4* Aces will evolve and affect my team. I just Rebirth my Ace Golem and leveled him to his new cap of 60, the addition of the “Last Stand” skill will help him compete with the newer 4* guardians that were released in the desert and snow zones. I still have my Ace Angel, Caim and Talos to rebirth and hopefully make a run at some new cards in the coliseums.

I am also now on the search for some off standard 5*’s like a Brave Bahamut or a Intelligent Ifrit. I have limited trading resources so I will have to be patient, but that is never a problem for me.

Have fun everyone with this new system.  Here is a link to a guide I found useful about the Rebirth system: Haruno’s Guide to the Rebirth System

Re-addicted Game Dev. Story

Posted in Games with tags , , , on 09/02/2013 by arthur1977

I don’t why, I don’t know how, but for some reason I decided to play Game Dev. Story and it got me hook again!

Over the last 2 days I have spent most of my free time building and growing my gaming companies. Over that time I have managed to unlock 75% of the game types, build 3 different consoles, and produce 1 perfectly scored game!

I still have a few achievements left to get in game center including winning the “Worst Game” award. No matter how hard I try someone else puts out a worse game than me, lol.

Well enough writing I have to go create another video game… Maybe an online Sim Ping Pong game?

Guardian Cross new Rebirth system and Snow Guardians

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February looks to be an exciting time for Guardian Cross. They just released 10 new guardians for the Snow zone and plan to launch the Rebirth system.

Included with the new guardians in the snow zone are 4 new 5* guardians that look amazing.


I was hoping to hunt for one this morning but since I have been spending so much time trying to get a Gilgamesh I accidentally spent my only SHT in the Volcanic zone, D’oh!

Additionally the new rebirth system will add another twist to things. Being able to merge 2 of the same guardians for bonus stats, skills and increased levels will make some older guardians relevant again. I already am looking for another Ifrit to merge with my intelligent one.

Even with my poor luck in acquiring 5* guardians these changes and my friends will keep me playing for the foreseeable future.

Old Guardians slowly becoming obsolete in GC

Posted in Games, Square Enix with tags , , , on 27/01/2013 by arthur1977

Well its starting to become tough sledding in Guardian Cross for my aged team. With most of my guardians from the old world (the plaines and volcanic zones) its getting harder to keep up with the new tier from the Iceland and Desert.

I had recently done well over the holidays getting a few greats from the coliseum, but I think that time is at an end. This week with a nice line up of guardians with a rough attack of 2800 I only have a 50/50 chance of winning while ranked B/B+. Finishing in that range is nice but will not land me and new guardians or a Special Hunting Ticket.

I have to admit I am a little jealous of some of you luckier guys out there. I have used well over 40 special hunting tickets and have netted a grand total of 2 5* guardians (Int Ifrit, Power Phoenix)! All my other 5* guardians were acquired by trading with other and most tended to be off class, like my Fast Titan. I don’t mind this but it is coming to a breaking point for my team. Without new world blood my team will become to weak to compete for any real prizes.

Soon I will have to make the decision, put down even more cash or accept the role of stone/SHT farmer for some of my friends. Either way I don’t plan on quitting any time soon but I have my fingers crossed that my luck changes.

Guardian Cross Invitation Codes

Posted in Games with tags , , on 04/12/2012 by arthur1977

I started experimenting the the Japanese version of Guardian Cross in my spare time (limited as it is). That and with a new round of invitation guardians I thought I would repost my invitation code.

International: Yurika – ND24889
Japanese: Black Mage – HX31588

All the best,