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The downside of modern gaming…

Posted in Games, MMO with tags , , , on 12/06/2015 by arthur1977

One of my biggest frustrations about the new age of gaming is day one necessary upgrades.  

I had the fortune to leave work 2 hours early today and decided to pick up a copy of Elder Scrolls Online.  I didn’t have any grand plans of playing, I was just hoping to log in and create my character and work my way through some of the tutorial.  I excitedly booted up my PS4 and put in the game only to be met with a 15GB update (estimated download time of ~7 hours).

At times like this I truly miss the days when you got to play the game right out of the box.  

I am still looking forward to playing Elder Scrolls Online, unfortunately my introduction to the game will be slightly delayed.


Final Fantasy XIV… I am sorry…

Posted in Final Fantasy with tags , , , , , , on 25/08/2013 by arthur1977

I have been a believer that Final Fantasy XIV has the ability to become an amazing MMO experience and with all the recent changes and updates I think its well on the way there.  Unfortunately with the release of A Realm Reborn and the PS3 version I will not be able to enjoy the changes.  Its not that I do not want to play the game or that it has a monthly fee, its that real life is keeping me out of the MMO sphere for the time being.  I really enjoyed the experience of playing Final Fantasy XIV when it was first released on the PC long ago. I bought the Collectors Edition and got to start my adventures in the world of Eorzea meeting a lot of great people who were friendly and helpful. The newer version looks even more beautiful then the original and as a life long Final Fantasy addict this game shows that Square Enix can learn from its mistakes and produce a better product.


I was hoping with the release of the PS3 version I might jump back in and start a whole new adventure but the timing of its release could not be worse for me.  With 2 little ones and me starting to take correspondence courses in the fall my free time to say the least is limited.  Even with that I still want to run to the store right now and pick up my copy and work my way to becoming a Legendary Dragoon or Black Mage!  I am still holding out hope that someday not to far in the future I will find the time to jump back in and explore the lush work that has been created.

Until then I will just have to be happy playing games that I can pause and to go check on the little ones, who are well work the sacrifice.

Dust 514 Beta

Posted in MMO with tags , , , , on 28/01/2013 by arthur1977

My friend Sergio down loaded the Dust 514 beta for our gaming night Friday. We spent about 2 hours exploring the wide array of customization options and each did a few battles.

The battles were fun, you can either play ambush or skirmish currently. I have been playing skirmish where your objective is to control missile terminals to destroy you opponents mobile command center.

You get the option to start off with 5 or 6 different drop suits each designed for your play style (sniper, healer, Anti-Armor, etc). After you earn some Isk you can start customizing your own drop suits with various weapons, armor and perks.

I found the controls sharp and the liked the button layout on the controller. The amount of options could be overbearing if you are not use to MMO’s and researching the type of character you plan to build towards. The ability to specialize in anything will make this game very customizable to anyone’s play style. So far I have tried a sniper build (not for me, I take to long to aim), Anti-Armor (nope again) and lastly I tried the Artificer suit (more to my liking, healing and SMG!).

Dust514I had such a great time even just watching my friends play when I got home I started downloading the Beta and made a character, Battle Warlock, before work Saturday morning. I ran a few battle with him Saturday night and have been having a blast. So far I have put my skill points into hacking, SMG, and remote explosives (just for fun).

I am interested in seeing what CCP starts adding to the beta next. This game looks like it might be a nice little time sink for the foreseeable future.

Shadow of the Mad King!

Posted in Guild Wars with tags , , , , on 25/10/2012 by arthur1977

Guild Wars 2 Halloween event started on October 22 and I have been enjoying it. From reading their website its going to be rolled out in four separate acts starting on October 22 for act 1, October 26 for act 2, October 28 for act 3 and finishing out on October 31 with act 4.

So far I have been spending my time exploring Divinity’s Reach and Queensdale with my level 12 Mesmer looking for Haunted Doors, pumpkins to carve, and raw candy corn to mine. I have had fun hunting the Halloween creatures that the doors release when your character interacts with then, from glowing skeletons to walking candy corn monsters. You also get the chance to loot Trick-or-Treat bags from enemies or harvesting candy corn. The gem story now has a costume of the Mad King himself and all the Black Lion Chest from October 23 to November 5 will give you Halloween-themed weapon skins.

I am looking forward to the upcoming acts in the near future and seeing the effects of the Mad Kings influence on the world. I am glad I still have some time off to hopefully take advantage of this extra content.

Say Hello to Gutvik Valentyn

Posted in Guild Wars, MMO with tags , , , , on 21/10/2012 by arthur1977

I managed to complete all my goals for the week so I got the OK to pick up a copy of Guild Wars 2.  I started the installation of the Guild Wars 2 when I got home and sent out a quick email to my cousin to find out what server he was playing on.

After my ladies when to bed I booted up the game and started creating my first character: Gutvik Valentyn the Thief.  I played around with the class for a little while and never quite got a liking for it so….

I deleted it and started an Engineer.  I spent precious little time playing this class before I ran into my first Mesmer and my jaw dropped!  Sword and Sorcery, that is the profession for me.  So back to the drawing board….

The first Mesmer I rolled was a charming little lady with a smile on her face and a regret about not getting a chance to perform at the circus.  I managed to get her to level 5 or so before her Go-Go dancer outfit finally got the best of me and I re-rolled again for probably not the last time….

Finally, Gutvik Valentyn, Mesmer to the Stars!

Even with the little time I have been running around in this game I can say it looks beautiful. I like how you have your main story quest and entering certain areas allow you to do quest for the citizens in the area. The legend off to the side to trace your progress is also a nice touch to see how much of the game you have explored.

All in all, I am looking forward to getting more time playing Guild wars 2. If you are on the Tarnished Coast server look me up.

Just when I thought I was out, Guild Wars 2 might pull me back in!

Posted in Guild Wars, MMO with tags , , , , on 09/10/2012 by arthur1977

Well it seems that my MMO itch just will not go away.  I have not really been following any computer games since Final Fantasy XIV launched instead focusing my gaming time on various PS3 titles.  Over the last week however family and friends have been bringing my attention back to the PC and a little title called Guild Wars 2!

I have a little experience playing Guild Wars itself and had a really good time although I got into the game many years after it launched.  I like ArenaNet keeping to their philosophy of selling the box and supplementing with in game real money transitions. This system really works for me since there are times where I might not play for long stretches because of my Little Princess and work. 

Everything I have heard about the game sounds amazing, and the bonus of being able to play with my cousin and his wife does add a lot of appeal for me to try this game.  I have a fair amount of time off this month to hopefully get all my Honey to Do list completed and might reward myself by picking up this game.  If I truly get locked into playing this game long term I think I would be to upgrade my computer to use my living room TV as a monitor to keep myself on the main floor of the house.  With another little bundle of joy on the way being locked in the basement is not something I want to do.  Playing upstairs would keep me a little closer in case I am needed in the night.  But that idea is down the road a bit, maybe a boxing day sale away?

If you have any thoughts on Guild Wars 2 please leave me a comment.

Republic vs. Empire

Posted in SWTOR with tags , , , on 15/01/2012 by arthur1977

I have been exploring both sides of conflict in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I now have a Level 13 Scoundrel (Healing) and a level 12 Sith Sorcerer (DPS).

I have enjoyed playing my Sorcerer a little more than my Scoundrel because I have been partying with my cousin (a level 27 Bounty Hunter). We ran “The Black Talon” last time we were on and I really enjoyed the experience. I am use to the style of play with the Sorcerer because I normally play Mage or long range DPS classes in MMO’s.

As for my Scoundrel, the class story is very interesting. I generally do not play short range DPS / Healers so I am just getting use to this style of play. This guy is in a guild with friends from back when I played SWG, the problem is that on average I am 20 levels behind then so grouping has been difficult.

Soon I might have to make a big choice. I don’t have a lot of free time to play so to get one character to max level I have to pick. The one bonus is that my cousin might be willing to roll a character on my Scoundrel’s server.

Hmmmm… Purple Lightning or Blasters and Medpacks…..

Its going to be a tough decision! What side do you prefer?