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Challenging week at work.

Posted in Life, Uncategorized with tags , on 31/05/2015 by arthur1977

I am a Project Safety Resource at the widget plant I work for. My primary responsibility is to ensure that  government and company rules and regulations are followed by the contract personnel assigned to my projects.  

More often then not I have no issues with the groups I am overseeing, they are professional and ask questions when they are unsure of the rules and regulations.  This week however it seemed like two out of my three contractor groups decided to not follow the basic rules that are expected in any construction site.  During the week I had to enter two Safety Incident Reports for obvious rule violations and confiscate some slings because they were to damaged to use.  On the plus side no one was hurt and the violations were minor.  I struggle to understand why some people disregard safety rules and then challenge when they are called on them.

Tomorrow is the start of another week.  Let’s see if my groups have learned their lesson from last week or do I need to take a stricter approach with my groups.  I have been told that you don’t make friends being a safety representative and I think I proved that point last week.


An eventful New Year!

Posted in Life with tags , on 09/01/2011 by arthur1977

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope your celebrations did not leave you in to bad of shape to head back to work after the weekend.  I myself had a nice and relaxing New Years sitting at home as the rest of the family went to Montreal (one of the down sides of working weekends).

This new year has certainly been a busy on for the Arthur Household. I lucked out and have been temperately working in a different role at work focusing on how to increase safety on site, and our little lady is starting to cut her teeth!  I think the only downside so far has been the delay of Two Worlds 2, but it’s not like I would have had time to play it anyway (hell I can hardly find time to blog!).

Well that is about it for now, all the best in 2011!