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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron First Impression

Posted in Games with tags , , , on 24/08/2012 by arthur1977

Fall of Cybertron has been out for a couple of days now and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time playing it.  First off the game looks and sounds amazing, the transformers are well animated and the environmental sounds and voice acting are top notch.  I have tried to split my time between the single player and multi player experiences.

The single player experience is slightly different this time with the removal of Co-op and not allowing you to select what transformer to use.  This enables them to structure each chapter for a particular robot and their special ability.  I have made it to Chapter V and love it so far.  Changing robots every chapter keeps the story and game play fresh and lets you enjoy abilities like cloaking and grappling.  So far there have been a few spots where I continuously end up getting killed and have needed to set the controller down for a short break.  They mostly consist of being bombarded by enemies with a limited space to hide but after a few more tries I managed to complete the objectives.

Multi-player has also been a blast.  I have spent some time playing both Team Deathmatch and Conquest and get owned in both.  The ability to customize  your robots in depth is a lot of fun and allows you to create one designed just for you (Prime in Decepticon colours looks strange).  The multi player maps are well laid out and a lot of fun to explore (and in my case get killed!).  You level up your 4 different classes and unlock perks to help you kill your enemies faster or to help you stay in one piece.  I have had no problems finding matches to play in which was a little bit of an issue in the first game.

Overall this game is SWEET.  Its a solid follow up to War for Cybertron and I cannot wait to find out what High Moon Studios plans to do next (be it Transformers based or not).


Back on Cybertron

Posted in PS3 with tags , on 26/11/2010 by arthur1977

Well with the renovation starting on the basement my gaming computer has been boxed up for a few weeks.  To pass the time I have shifted back to my PS3 and jumped back in to Transformers: War for Cybertron.  I had originally burnt out on Transformers a few months ago trying to complete all the online trophies before the population dwindled and made it harder to get into a conquest and escalation group.

I was frustrated the first time I tried to join in and play some conquest matches. There had been a second map pack released and I kept on getting booted from the rare groups I joined because I did not have it. This turned out to be a  blessing in disguise because I got a great escalation group that made our way though to wave 20 while netted me over 3000 power to bring my closer to the Powermaster! Trophy (16K out of 25K).

Last night I got my first Conquest group and managed to get in about an hour of game time before deciding it was time for bed.  It was a nice surprise to find that they have increased the experience rewarded to taking over a node.  This change alone has boosted my enthusiasm to try and get the last three trophies in this part of the game online, the grind before this change might have driven me batty.

I look forward to getting some more time in this weekend and maybe knock off a trophy or 2 to get me closer to getting the platinum (I still think its a long stretch).  If you are online and plan to play Transformers: WFC look me up, CDN-Dragoon.

Transformers: War for Cybertron Impressions

Posted in Games, PS3 with tags , on 14/07/2010 by arthur1977

I picked up Transformers for the PS3 when it was released a couple of weeks ago and have really enjoyed playing it. A few nights ago I managed to finish the solo player portion of the game. I think they did a good job bringing back the G1 transformers I remember from childhood. I found the story entertaining and like how they broke it up in to chapters (the first 5 Decepticon and the last 5 Autobot). As for game play it’s a pretty straight forward 3ed person shooter, you also get to choose at the beginning of each chapter one of three transformers to use. Overall the game controls are good and I love the ability to transform even if it was not really necessary for most of the game.

Transformers also boasts a large selection of online game play options. I have just started exploring this aspect of the game, and am enjoying playing team death match and escalation the most. Team Death match is the classic your group vs my group. You get to select between 4 classes of transformer to play, Scout (stealth), Leader (DPS?), Soldier (tank), and Scientist (medic). In escalation mode you and a of small group of players (2-4) take on wave after wave of baddies! For every foe you kill you get energon credits that you can use to by health, ammo, guns or enter into different areas. This mode was a lot of fun but I need to improve my overall game play before I can become a valued asset to a team.

Overall I am really enjoying this purchase and hope more people pick it up for some crazy online play.