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Oh Mythic….

Posted in MMO, Warhammer Online with tags on 11/04/2010 by arthur1977

I have been getting caught up on some blog reading and was checking out the latest happening of Syp at BioBreak (great site and congrats on you little baby!) to discover that Mythic was having some problems figuring out how many times to change its players.  It seems that what ever company Mythic has doing its billing messed up and decided to charge some players for multiple accounts, between 5 to 44 of them in fact!  At 15 bucks a pop that adds up to some people being out hundreds of dollars.  Being a former Warhammer Online player I feel for the people involved and Mythic is trying to reimburse these players as fast as possible.  If the damage was not bad enough, reading more in to it I found out that some former players had their accounts reopened automatically and over charged!!  Now this has gotten me worried, I have not subscribed in over 9 months but might have a nasty credit card bill coming….

Mythic really needs to be very active in fixing this problem and offering the player base some nice incentives to keep subscribed to rebuild some faith in Warhammer and Mythic.  For all the people affected by this EA and Mythic better roll out the red carpet and treat them like Royalty!  These people need to be wooed off their feet with all the help they need with their financial institutions and more than just extra game time as a reward for working through this problem.

I enjoyed playing Warhammer Online and was thinking about re-subscribing to check out how the Land of the Dead has changed the game, but after this little episode I think I might just wait a bit.  Best of luck Mystic, you are the Guru’s of PR and you are going to have to use it well now.

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