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Sometimes I just don’t understand people…

Posted in Work with tags , , on 20/06/2015 by arthur1977

Thursday we added three people to my Automation project.  It’s a good opportunity for these operators because it offers them a chance to become specialists on the sites new equipment.

After the shift I talked to some of the contractors they were assisting and hands down they said two of the guys were amazing, very hard workers.  The third was described as the worst person they had ever had to work with in the last 30 years! 

I guess the third operator took it upon himself to “test” the system by purposely doing things wrong when they were trying to debug system. He also tore a strip of a junior programmer stating that he is responsible for people losing their jobs because of the new equipment, which is not true.

It’s unfortunate that one individual can paint such a bad image of our site.  Needless to say the third operator is no longer involved in the project. I don’t understand what would drive them to act this, especially since they told me themselves that they were trying to get in the sites good books for other opportunities. I have a feeling after talking to the Project Lead  that this incident will be a big step back for them in that regard.


Challenging week at work.

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I am a Project Safety Resource at the widget plant I work for. My primary responsibility is to ensure that  government and company rules and regulations are followed by the contract personnel assigned to my projects.  

More often then not I have no issues with the groups I am overseeing, they are professional and ask questions when they are unsure of the rules and regulations.  This week however it seemed like two out of my three contractor groups decided to not follow the basic rules that are expected in any construction site.  During the week I had to enter two Safety Incident Reports for obvious rule violations and confiscate some slings because they were to damaged to use.  On the plus side no one was hurt and the violations were minor.  I struggle to understand why some people disregard safety rules and then challenge when they are called on them.

Tomorrow is the start of another week.  Let’s see if my groups have learned their lesson from last week or do I need to take a stricter approach with my groups.  I have been told that you don’t make friends being a safety representative and I think I proved that point last week.

Beep…Beep…Beep… Wait there is still a pulse….

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Due to events in real life I needed to shift my attention away from blogging. Some of the events have been good and some bad but that’s just the way life goes.

Now that I am back on shift I should have time to get in the swing of writing again. I hope to write about Black Thursday at work, experiences playing Guardian Cross, recent pre-orders, and just life in general.

All the best everyone and thanks for dropping by!

Where does the time go….

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It’s amazing how fast time flies with the addition of another little one to your family! My little man has only been here for 9 great weeks and what a difference.

My daughter was a sleepy baby where my little man is awake and looking around all the time and requires lots of attention. One of the problems we are finding right now is that both kids around bed time want Mommy. Whenever I try to settle one the water works begin, which is a little frustrating when I know my wife is tired and could use the help.

Another challenge we are progressing through is potty training the Little Princess. She is doing well but there have been a few bumps along the way.

I hope things settle down a bit so I can get back blogging more but I have no complaints because I love spending time with my family.

Putting my best foot forward

Posted in Life with tags , , , on 26/11/2012 by arthur1977

Sorry about not posting recently but life was leaving me a little frustrated.

We just recently bough a new bedroom set for our little princess and when it got delivered I noticed that three parts arrived damaged (the mirror frame, drawer and drawer cover).  There is a sense of disappointment when you drop 1,600$ for something and it arrives damaged.  After contacting the company they are replacing the parts but could not guaranty when it would happen.

Secondly work has been a challenge recently.  I have been getting frustrated buy the back and forth about different issues, our company slogan is safety first but when things get brought up they sometime seem to get brushed off.  There are things that have required permits one day but not then next for no specific reason.  Training systems have been changed that raise issues with me.

It got so bad that I started complaining to my wife out in public at breakfast Friday.  After we left I realized that maybe I should not have been so candid in public expressing my belief in my managers perceived lack of skills and other various rumors.  If our conversation was overheard by someone who knows him it might make work just a little more difficult in the up coming months.

Since that realization I have decided to put my best foot forward and keep my mouth shut.  Over the last few years I have had a good run and if I have to take the rough road for a little that is something I can handle.  Tonight is my first shift since my public outburst and hopefully nothing happens but if something does I am willing to take the repercussions.

Live and learn, hopefully this lesson sticks.

Reality Strikes @ Work

Posted in Life with tags , , , on 03/09/2012 by arthur1977

Last week two people I know at work were terminated. Over the last decade I have met both their families and enjoyed just hanging out with them.

They both are responsible for their actions and deserved some discipline, but I thought termination was a little steep. Under our union agreement we will grieve the terminations and they might get their jobs back, but it’s 50/50.

I wish both guys and their families the best. Both were not totally happy at work so this might be an opportunity for them to forge a different path.