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Top 5 iPod Games

Posted in Uncategorized on 10/08/2009 by arthur1977

1. geoDefense – A great tower defense game.

2. Sol Free – I think every iPod needs a solitaire game.

3. TapDefense – The first tower defense game I played on the iPod.  Its had lots of great updates over the past year.

4. I Dig It – A great little game where you use a digger to dig up items for upgrades and to complete quests.

5. Kingdoms Live (my code is 1SNT3) – An online MMO game that is very addictive!

These would have to be my top 5 games that have withstood the test of time.  I just downloaded Zenonia Lite (old school RPG) and am enjoying it a lot.  There are a lots of great games out there it just depends on what style of game you enjoy playing.  Try out mine and suggest some of yous own!


That time of year again!

Posted in Sports on 10/08/2009 by arthur1977

I just had my first Fantasy Football auto draft last night.  My talent at QB and RB hopefully will make up a little for my poor cast of wide outs.

Here is my team, I play in a 12 team head-to-head standard league.

QB: Arron Rogers (GB)

RB1: Matt Forte (CHI)

RB2: LaDainian Thmlinson (SD)

WR1: Braylon Edwards (CLE)

WR2: Eddie Royal (DEN)

WR3: Wes Welker (NE)

TE: Tony Gonzalez (ATL)

K: David Akers (PHI)

DST: Cowboys (I hear this might not be a good team to have this year!)

My Reserves are QB J. Campbell (WAS), RB Ray Rice (BAL), RB Beanie Wells (ARI), WR Isaac Bruce (SF), and TE Tony Scheffler (DEN).

Lets see if I can make the playoffs this year.  Last year was my first in the league and I didn’t fair to well.

DDOCast Episode 128

Posted in MMO on 03/08/2009 by arthur1977

Check out the newest episode of DDOCast.  If you have any interest in Dungeons and Dragons Online this weekly podcast is for you.  I have been listening to it for about 2 months now and its the main reason I resubscribed to DDO.  You can also check out their forums for some friendly banter and great advice.

DDO: Unlimited, delayed

Posted in MMO on 02/08/2009 by arthur1977

DDO:UIt was announced that DDO: Unlimited will not be launched on August 6th but be delayed until September 9th.  To find out more please check out the announcement here.

Rolen joins the Reds!

Posted in Sports on 01/08/2009 by arthur1977

Well the Jays managed to trade a great clubhouse player in Scott Rolen to the Cincinnati Reds on deadline day.  I have been a huge fan of Rolen since he broke into the league as a Philly and won rookie of the year in 1997.  He has a great bulldog mentality both at the plate and in the field, something a lot of pros could learn from.  In return the Jays managed to get some good pieces in Edwin Encarnation and maybe a future closer in Zach Stewart.

It was great seeing Rolen in a BlueJays uniform, but after quitely requesting a trade closer to home I wish him the best of luck making the Reds a better team.