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Summer Gaming (or what I am playing before FFXIV!)

Posted in Final Fantasy, Games, PS3 on 31/07/2010 by arthur1977

There are about 50 days until the launch of my next big time sink, Final Fantasy XIV!

Over that time I plan to spend a lot of time with my little lady (8 weeks old on Tuesday). Besides that I hope to collect some more trophies on my PS3 🙂

Currently the games on my hit list are:

Transformers: War for Cybertron (hoping to get 90-95% of trophies @ 67% now)

Final Fantasy XIII (finish the bloody game)

Dragon Age: Origins (Platinum, but Traveler trophy has me frustrated)

If I manage to finish off this list early I might see what is new out there, or be a good Father and spend a lot more time with my daughter! My vote is for the second option!.


Deadliest Warrior Marathon

Posted in TV with tags , , on 26/07/2010 by arthur1977

I was just killing time Saturday afternoon when I came across the Deadliest Warrior Marathon.  I have heard of the show before and never really gave it much attention but the first show hooked me by battling Spartans versus Ninjas.  I like both these fighter class so I was interested in seeing how they would decided who was the deadliest.  I like how they selected a list of 4 weapons use to deal damage from various ranges and compare there lethality before doing their simulation to decide who would win.

Although I did not quite agree with the outcome of the battle between these two warriors (Spartans won), I got sucked in to watching quite a few more shows after that.  I tended to watch only the more classic duels since I am more of a fan of swordplay then gun fighting (so I passed on the C.I.A. vs K.G.B. show). All in all I think I watched about 7 or 8 episodes during the course of the marathon.  Out off all of them my top three episodes would have to be: 1. Vlad the Impaler Vs Sun Tzu, 2. Spartan Vs. Ninja and 3. Ming Warrior Vs. French Musketeer.   Out of all the ones I missed I would also like to check out the battle between Attila the Hun Vs. Alexander the Great and Apache Vs. Gladiator, so it looks like I will have to keep my eyes open for this show in the future.

A little Dreaming….

Posted in Final Fantasy, MMO, Square Enix with tags , on 20/07/2010 by arthur1977

I am just sitting here relaxing watching Men in Black thinking how cool it would to create my Final Fantasy XIV character right now.  How amazing would it be for Square Enix to give everyone a chance to play around with their character creator and save it for future upload.

I for one would love the chance to check out all the different races before I made my final choice.  Unlike most games where you have a ton of Alts, Final Fantasy XIV with its ability to master everything with one character you need to like what your create right off the get go.  Being able to figure it out before you install and launch the game for the first time would be very sweet!  Other games have done stuff like this, if I am not mistaken you could create your Dragon Age character and upload it on the PC a month before launch.  Another example of something along this line was Spore releasing its monster creator before launch to give people time to create a catalog of enemies for their solar systems.

I know it will not happen but hey a man can dream…..

Transformers: War for Cybertron Impressions

Posted in Games, PS3 with tags , on 14/07/2010 by arthur1977

I picked up Transformers for the PS3 when it was released a couple of weeks ago and have really enjoyed playing it. A few nights ago I managed to finish the solo player portion of the game. I think they did a good job bringing back the G1 transformers I remember from childhood. I found the story entertaining and like how they broke it up in to chapters (the first 5 Decepticon and the last 5 Autobot). As for game play it’s a pretty straight forward 3ed person shooter, you also get to choose at the beginning of each chapter one of three transformers to use. Overall the game controls are good and I love the ability to transform even if it was not really necessary for most of the game.

Transformers also boasts a large selection of online game play options. I have just started exploring this aspect of the game, and am enjoying playing team death match and escalation the most. Team Death match is the classic your group vs my group. You get to select between 4 classes of transformer to play, Scout (stealth), Leader (DPS?), Soldier (tank), and Scientist (medic). In escalation mode you and a of small group of players (2-4) take on wave after wave of baddies! For every foe you kill you get energon credits that you can use to by health, ammo, guns or enter into different areas. This mode was a lot of fun but I need to improve my overall game play before I can become a valued asset to a team.

Overall I am really enjoying this purchase and hope more people pick it up for some crazy online play.

FFXIV CE Pre-order…. Check!

Posted in Final Fantasy, MMO, Square Enix with tags , on 10/07/2010 by arthur1977

Well I finally managed to go out and Pre-order a copy of Final Fantasy XIV Collectors Edition.  I first tried to get it at Best Buy but for some reason they still did not have it in their system for in store pick up so I headed over to EB Games and put my money down.  While talking to the guys working there I found out an interesting fact that living in Canada all games need both a French and English instructions to be sold.  I guess Square-Enix has a history of forgetting this and having its shipments delayed at the border until they print off other instructions.  I have to admit that would be nasty if it happened with Final Fantasy XIV, and I am holding out hope it won’t happen here because I got my copy of FF XIII on release day. So from now until September 22 I am keeping my fingers crossed.

If you not sure what copy to of Final Fantasy XIV you want to purchase Ralus did a great write up over on FFXIVCore about the value of the Collectors Edition over just getting a regular copy.  I thought it was a good read and you should check it out Here.

Here to seeing you all online very soon!!