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Change of venue, Change of luck?

Posted in Games, iPod, Square Enix, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on 15/10/2012 by arthur1977

Well I must admit I was starting to get a little frustrated with not being able to land a 5*Guardian in Guardian Cross. I recently reached level 79 and have used a total of 9 special hunting tickets with very limited success (only four 4*s). My coliseum team is still performing well and is able to take down teams with 5*s but tends to max out in the C+ level once the going gets tough.

Instead of rage quitting, I decided with my 2 new Special hunting tickets I would go out and have a coffee and croissant at my local Starbucks and see if a change of venue would have and difference. I also though about my approach in hunting with the Special tickets, i decided to do some research on the types of shadows that I should be targeting for the best odds for getting a 5*. I focused on the Glaverow Volcanic Zone and noted that to have the most success of getting a 5* I should aim for the Vampire shadow first (3-5*s, 1-4* and 2-3*s or 50% chance per shadow) followed by the Giant (1-5*, 2-4*, and 3-3* or 17%) and Wolf (1-5*, 2-4* and 4-3* or 14%). I also noted that there was only one possible guardian you can get for killing the floater shadow, and that was Dullahan (4*).

With my hunting plan set and a half drank black coffee sitting on the table in front of me I ran through a few normal hunting tickets to warm up. Taking another sip of coffee I selected my Special hunting ticket and hoped for the best! After taking a quick look around for a vampire shadow and seeing none I took down 2 giants and a wolf with no success, then I saw a floater and though sweet there is my Dullahan. With about 20 seconds left I located another giant and went to work taking it down, and would you guessed it my luck did change and I pulled in my first 5* am Ifrit (Int)!

With a smile on my face I left Starbucks and headed back home for a day of home renovations.

I really think my researching helped me in getting the Ifrit, knowing what shadows to target (ie. avoiding all the serpents) increased my chances of success. If you are having troubles landing one I suggest you do the same.

Happy Hunting!!

Bonus note, there is only 1 possible guardian for killing a bird shadow in the Berneside Plains using a Special hunting ticket and that is the 5* Phoenix!


Guardian Cross! Good game but I need some help for free Final Fantasy cards!

Posted in iPod, Square Enix with tags , , , on 16/09/2012 by arthur1977

I found this battle card game late last week and have been hooked. Its has a nice little story section and a coliseum for battling against other players. You creat you group and level up our cards before battles.

As a special bonus for early adapters the offer limited edition Final Fantasy XI + XIV cards for inviting more people. This is where I need help! I am a huge Final Fantasy fan but have only a small
group of friends with iPhones. If you are interested in playing could you please use my Code: ND24889! (or just install, pick a name, use my code and delete). It’s currently a!!!

I need 25 for the ultimate prize, but if anything I would just love to get the Mog card!

Plague Inc.

Posted in iPod with tags , on 19/08/2012 by arthur1977

I have been looking at this game for a while now as finally picked it up a couple of days ago. It took me a few games to finally figure out the gameplay and have been addicted to it since.


You start off by picking a plague type (you can only select bacteria to start), and what country you wish to start in. After that you evolve your virus to infect more people and eventually wipe out humanity. Once your virus gets detected countries join forces to try and find a cure. It’s a battle of time and strategy pitting you against the doctors of the world.


The game is fun and challenging, giving you more plague types as you master the old ones. They offer different ways to spread your plague and reek havoc on humanity, so you can create you own personalized plague.


Overall its a very fun game that has killed my battery a few times. 🙂

Please Stay Calm!

Posted in Games, iPod with tags , , , on 19/10/2011 by arthur1977

Please Stay Calm is fun little survivor horror game that transforms your current location into a Zombie filled play ground.  As you check out each location on your map you get the option to either search it for supplies or KILL ZOMBIES!  Both actions are equally important as supplies are used to increase your weapons armor and you need money to buy them.  You also have the option of dueling your other zombie fighting partners throughout the land.  You can level different areas of your character up to become a better zombie hunter, dueler or scavenger.  A nice feature is the ability to set up safe houses in areas to partner up with other players.  You can upgrade your safe house buy putting money into perks like doing more damage or having stronger armor.

I only have a few little drawbacks with this great title.  Being in a more spaced out area I am limited to people I can duel or have to take a distance penalty.  Secondly, no matter where I put my outposts I still get a docked a % for them being too far away. My mistake with this issue, I figured out that if you are if you are currently at the location of your outpost your receive no penalty its only when you do all your collecting from the main menu.

Besides those draw backs I am really enjoying killing zombies in my community.  I even slide out at lunch to quickly scavenge for a few more supplies. I am looking forward to seeing how this game develops going forward!

The Force be with you…

Posted in Castle Age, Games, iPod with tags , , on 25/03/2011 by arthur1977

I lucked out a few weeks ago and got an invitation to join this great Castle Age guild called {TEAM YODA}.

The group overall has been really helpful and supportive answering all my rookie questions. I have been joining them most nights for their guild battles (both auto and Festival) contributing any way I can. We also took down an Alpha Vincent a few days ago which was a new experience for me.

Being part of {TEAM YODA} has really increased my enjoyment of Castle Age. I cannot wait to get to know the members of TY better over the months to come.

A picture never lies….

Posted in Castle Age, Games, iPod with tags , , on 05/03/2011 by arthur1977

…. and their right.  Oh well, its true I am currently a punching bag for other guilds in Guild Battles but at level 151 I have lots of room for improvement.  I want to thank all the great people in {TEAM YODA}3 for letting me join and not kicking me out after all my questions, lol.

I cannot wait for our next guild event. 🙂

Castle Age, lessons learned.

Posted in Games, iPod with tags , , on 25/02/2011 by arthur1977

I have been playing Castle Age for for just over two months and am completely addicted. Over that time I have learned a few lessons that I thought would be nice to share.

1. Don’t rush! I am guilty of this, I want to catch up to everyone who has been playing for years. It won’t happen and I finally realize it.

2. Remember to get your Demi-God points everyday. This includes the 10 for each Demi-god you get winning battles. It might not seem like a lot but over time it really adds up.

3. Stamina and Energy are nice but don’t forget you other stats. I have around 240 of both Stamina and Energy and never have them close to full except when I level. I wish I would have capped them at 200 and spent the points on attack and defense instead because they are used every time you attack.

4. Focus and work towards an objective. I started off just powering my way through everything in the game and not getting much accomplished. Over the last couple of weeks I have been focusing on particular goals, like unlocking Arielle and getting all her equipment. Now my goals are to hunt dragons (25 for the favor points), unlock Cartigan and kill thousands of Zerarean soldiers on the Red Plains to hopefully get the Plate of the Ages and the components needed to recrute Hyperion

5. The iPhone app is nice but not great. You can miss out on a lot like random encounters and the festival that is currently going on solely using the app. I use it mostly for monster slaying while on break at work now.

I will be the first to admit that I still have a lot to learn but I thought some people might benefit from my limited experience. My next step is hopefully to find a Guild who accepts energetic new players and see how that opens up the game.

If you are a member of a guild looking for new recruits or have an opinion that differs from mine please leave a comment.