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Bad Religion – True North

Posted in Music with tags , , , , on 10/02/2013 by arthur1977

I have been a fan of Bad Religion since being introduced to them in my first year of University in the mid-90’s. Since then I have been an avid fan of both their older and newer releases.

The most recent release is True North and has 16 new tracks for fans to enjoy. I have listened to the album numerous times over the last week and love it. Some of my favorite songs are Dept. of False Hope, Dharma and the Bomb, F*$& You, and Popular Consensus.


The rumor is that this might be one of their last albums, it would be a shame since they are still putting out high quality songs. Even if it is they have an amazing catalog of songs that will keep their fans happy for a very long time.


The Tea Party Live

Posted in Music with tags , , , on 01/09/2012 by arthur1977

Even after a seven year split The Tea Party still rocks the stage.

My friend Andy and I went and saw them Thursday night at the Grand Theater. They went on around 8:40 and played a nice selection of songs from all their albums.

The band has a great sound when playing live, Jeff Martin is a natural leading man that keeps the crowd involved. All three band members are talented musicians and play a variety of instruments.

The show was over around 10:00 and Andy had to bolt. I stuck around and picked up a tour t-shirt before heading out. This was the second time I have seen them in concert (the first was in 2003) and they were well worth the money.

A nice Surprise!

Posted in Music with tags , , on 28/11/2010 by arthur1977

I was talking to a co-worker last week and he happened to mention that a new Bad Religion album was being released on Tuesday.  I have not picked up any new music recently so on my next day off I headed out to the local HMV to looked over what they had to offer.  I ended up picking up 4 new albums: Bad Religion “Dissent of Man”, Rob Zombie “V2: Hellbilly Deleux”, Alexisonfire “Young Cardinals”, and Delerium “Voice”.

Out of all the albums I purchased, I really like Delerium’s Voice album which is an acoustic collection.  I have been a huge fan of the group since they released the Semantic Spaces album back when I was in high school.  The group did a great job remaking all their songs and my wife and I enjoy listening to this album while just relaxing at home.  I have to say it was a very nice surprise because it was only by fluke that I looked in the Delerium folder at the store.

All the other albums I got are also good.  I am currently listening to the Bad Religion album when I am driving and it has a lot of great songs.  The other 2 are on my iPod rotation for playing Transformers online multi-player, its nice having music to get you fired up to kill other players .