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inFamous…. so good….

Posted in PS3, Uncategorized with tags , on 22/03/2012 by arthur1977

ImageYa I know, I am really late getting to the party on inFamous but I finally managed to complete my first play through as Evil Cole. I took a little break to play afew other games but once I booted the game back up I got fully addicted to the story. I usually do not play evil or sinister characters but it was great seeing all the changes in Cole and the story as you became more and more infamous.

ImageThey way the story unfolded in the last half of the game motivated me to start a Good Karma Cole the night after I completed it. I am trying to complete it on hard in hopes of working on getting the platinum. I have currently powered up the first island but I miss having all my upgrades and powers from my previous game.

Overall, I am impressed at the trophy haul I got over my first play through at 60%. Even though this game is a few years old it still looks great and is a blast to play. Once I am done my Good Karma run its off to the store to buy inFamous 2!


Freedom for the first time in 21 months

Posted in Life with tags , on 18/03/2012 by arthur1977

For the first time since my Wife and I have had our Little Princess we got to spend most of the day and night as a couple. Our little girl spent the night at my Wife’s parents house for her first sleepover.

After we dropped her off around 3pm we headed off to the mall to grab a bite to eat and wait for our movie to start. Despite worrying about how our girl was holding up it was a nice change just wandering around the two of us again. After a quick dinner at A&W we just took our time exploring different shops and chit chatting about everything.

Around 6:30 we headed over to the theater to get our seat to watch Safe House. We both enjoyed the movie and then headed home. Once my Wife went to sleep I got to play some inFamous with no interruptions and finally manage to complete it as Evil Cole.

Waking up this morning was nice not having any alarms or a little one forcing us out of bed. After hearing that my Little Princess had a good night it was time to do some much needed house work and grocery shopping. Around noon it was time to head out and pick her up.

As much as I enjoyed the evening, I do admit I missed peaking in on my girl before I went to sleep and giving her a kiss good night. Peace and quite are nice but I will still take less sleep for more time with my Little Princess any day of the week.

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Impressions

Posted in PS3 with tags , , , on 04/03/2012 by arthur1977

I know I am a little behind the time but I just finished Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception late last night and loved it. Like the Uncharted’s before it, this game has great suspense, breath taking platforming and a engaging story that pulls you in.

I played the game on just normal difficulty and did not have more than a handful of battles that were truly challenging. I enjoyed the puzzles and for the most part given some time and a little thought were straight forward to solve. The visuals and scene design for this game are amazing, Naughty Dog just keeps on impressing me every time the release another Uncharted. I does seem this version of the game is a little easier then the previous 2 combat wise, making me think I should have tried the game on hard (another silver trophy!!).

Overall, it took me about ten and a half hours to beat, I found 56 treasures, and ended up with 57% of the trophies. The only trophies I looked up online were the chapter specific ones like Ride the Crocodile, and Quick Study.

This game easily jumps one of my top 3 PS3 games making a strong argument for the top spot! If this is the last game of the Uncharted franchise on the PS3, Naughty Dog made an truly magnificent trilogy of games.